Sex Tapes

Why on earth would a human being who’s not into the pornography industry want to video sex between himself and her or vice versa and keep it for any reason?

It’s rather disturbing to digest the fact that the youth of the country are seemingly adopting this practise and are reaping the benefits.

On a usual day, I woke up to promote my articles as I do on twitter, every morning. Then I saw my TL was bleeding with curses, teases, insults and disgusting comments on what happened to be the freshest sex tape.

After sometime I decided to ignore it and move on. By evening after work, it was rather bad. Images, videos, and pictures of these two teenagers had spread and you could not ignore it anymore.

I visited one Ghanaian site and checked the pictures. To my utmost surprise, which forced me to open my mouth wide in absolute disgust, the website had published pictures of the boy, stating his age, his school, and the girl as well. In detail they displayed images, about three each, and had written boldly as their caption something describing those involved.

Why on earth would we do this? Social media, such an amazing tool has now become the knife we would use to pierce the hearts of people? I was marred, what if I knew this boy or girl? I snapped my fingers and quietly imagined what both of them would be thinking by now? What about their parents? Siblings?

My question and your question exactly? Who suggests the video during the act. We are all very much aware of the humiliating experiences some people have had with the release of their sex tapes, though some have by them been catapulted to fame, either by luck or by full intention. But even with this virtually unacceptable positives, people down here absolutely would frown at this practise forever.
Is it the boy or the girl? I think I’ll find a psychologist to interview so I share with my readers.

Never would someone feel accomplished after sending a sex tape out. I’m certain the remorse and pain still remains. An exaggerated reaction by the public could cause drastic depression and psychological pain on the ‘actors’.
A low self esteem and severe regret could lead to suicidal acts and more dangerous effects.

Ghanaian youth should learn, at least to be more matured in handling such issues. People do make mistakes, though sometimes indigestible, but we have to try to ignore these and move forward, after all, there are better ways of entertaining ourselves than being participants in people’s ‘atrocities’

What if the lady intentionally video-taped the act? Does the guy in this case have the right to take her to court? What if it’s a friend? What is the legal action? Maybe we could solve such issues by tackling them this way.

A question I asked myself. Well? I’m saying this to the unmarried, the youth and even the married. Make sure it doesn’t come out. There’s no point.

If you think there’s a point, feel free to comment, let’s know more…

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