Smile Pills

It’s been a day or two after you lost your dear boyfriend. He was absolutely everything else to you, your honeycomb, sugar pie, apple cocktail and lovey lovey.
You lost him, not to death, but to your own best friend who you introduced him to her, three weeks ago. She said the boy was a drug addict, unserious, a Casanova and she apparently told you not to have anything to do with him.
After you considered all the advise, coming from your own best friend, you decided to let go, after all, you wanted your safety and your future, dating a guy with all these qualities would surely put you in danger.

After a week you realise a new name on your bestie’s phone. She’s been texting and calling him and you’re wondering. You’ve been asking her, and she says nothing relevant about it. So you try to call him, it’s a game you play. You call him and you realise that it’s your own past darling.

Your heart sinks, your mind shuts, you cry and you’re aware you’ve been betrayed, murdered and killed. A knife stabbed into your chest, by your own friend and secret bank. Well…

Then you are awake and you see this nonsense about Bobbywrites is saying about the smile pill. You’re already in anger and pain and you have to digest this pill that is being sold.

But my dear one, why would you keep wearing the frown if you clearly know within you that it’s not going to make you any better? Why do you painfully carry that hurt, bitterness and anguish.

It’s true forgiveness comes, but it surely will come later, you would have to forgive, but frowning just keeps the pain and hurts you deeply.

I’ll advise that this August, you learn to get the smile pills. They help you always. They are the necessary medications for the month. Keep that smile, it takes not so much of effort.
Don’t harbour the pain. Let go, come out and be free.


There are so many benefits of keeping a smile, and I’m very sure you’re very aware of them.

Wishing you the best of this month. There are amazing things coming your way…

Let’s smile along the way!


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