Motivation Monthly. Ever Special You.

I was down and in one of those moods you could easily slap anyone who came your way as a disturber. Then I took my Bible, and after some minutes, almost all the verses I was reading seemed not to address my issue.

I still pressed on, and should I say by favor or luck, I got my eyes on a Psalm I had personally not discovered. Psalm 137. Then one of the verses told me of how God knew us through and through. The writer of the psalm spoke of two extremes, one of them being, him laying his bed in the depths of hell, and God still would find him.

Then I saw what cooled me down. This Psalm told me that we, yes, all of us are beautifully and wonderfully made. God Himself, the master artist made us. Blessed us with all our assets.
His investment was priceless, Not that He created whatever He wanted just because He felt like doing but He actually planned every single detail, and made you perfect.

You may quickly stop me, and say, but why do I have a big head? Why I’m I short and slim?
Then I would also humbly throw you the question, did you know someone was in the news for being the world’s shortest person? What about the one who has the world’s tiniest nose?


I’ll say it’s what we do with what we have been given. How we let Jesus reflect through our Spirits, which is actually our true identity and groom our inner beauty.

There are times you admire so much how pleasant, calm, free-spirited, love able someone is you ask, ‘How did this man get into her life?’ That’s what we should do, you are ever beautiful, let that guard your thoughts this month.

Blessings and expect more from Bobbywrites.

Welcome July, God will bless!

God created you well
His eyes watch you always
Whether black or fair
You’re another star waiting to shine
Believe in yourself through the eyes of God
Your star will shine soon


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