Part 1… A Tragedy of Hope.

When she was brought home, she was young and pretty. Her fur was white, her eyes beautiful and she came close to your feet anytime you sat and picked a book to read or when you were drying up your clothes.

She had been separated from her mother at a tender age and she had been brought to a new place, with her sister. Oh, poor them, who would help these two. But she was okay after a few days. It seems she was getting better food than what she got when she was with her mother. I know she missed the breast milk because she would curl herself and pull her tongue towards the tip of her lips, with an undeniable thirst reflecting in her eyes.

She was growing up now and her features were booming. She had developed new fur, her walk had even changed, her style of movement had improved. Then instead of sitting on the wall of the summer hut, she preferred to sit on the fence. I thought she was home schooled so she was a real virgin and would not look outside. I thought the matters of sex disgusted her, she hated it with all her might, I thought she wasn’t cheap, and she would slap any boy that came her way.

It wasn’t far away, it was just a few metres. Another guy had seen her. Flamboyance and beauty had set before his eyes the dream to become her own. He wanted to reach for gold, but how was he going to achieve that?

Not only did he have one family to convince but two. How do you think that would be for him? He had to look for her mother, and her mistresses. But there was no way he was going to achieve that. He decided to be a man, put all shyness away and do what he had to do.

One cold morning, he entered her house. His eyes moved across the lawn, his ears were sharp, he didn’t want to miss a move, or get into any severe encounters. He saw her, from a distance, beaming with the beauty and charm he had always seen her radiate with.


Oh my, he made a move. He was sharp and swift. I don’t know what he said to her, but he managed to get her pregnant. He employed his high gear tactics and got her to willingly surrender her ego. She sold herself, she gave herself to him, all for love and posterity.

She had to see herself going through the stages of birth. I saw him come to the home at times, he came at night, and he hid himself. He won’t want her mistresses to see him. But I never saw him with her, he only came to show his support. What a man? Why would you come and show no affection. Maybe it’s their own language of love and detailed affection, I asked.
Or a culture of their state, males stay close, they don’t hold hands and walk with the females.

She did well, she took good care of herself, of course, her mistress fed her, and her mistress’ home occupants gave her comfort. They sometimes criticised her, why she for pregnant so early. She would turn and smile, she would not say a word. She simply didn’t care.

I did not see her again that night. She didn’t want to have a baby shower, nor display a baby bump. She was the celebrity among the other friends, and neighbours, their lenses were the cameras. They spoke about her, and she didn’t want them to know her husband.

After two days, she disappeared, the next three days, I saw her, she had brought two new creatures to the world. They were the cutest of her type, I saw them, but their lives were going to be cut short. Poor them, what happened to them.



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