Shaming the Skin Bleach thought.

Feeling good about yourself is not supposed to be imposed on you, it is a choice. A choice you make today, or you learn to make in the future.

Every Human being was specially created by a Perfectionist called God. He spent time, good time, to invest in your design, your color, your looks and your length. In fact, He intentionally made you this way, He knew very well what He was doing.


Last week, my heart struck with immeasurable pain, when I saw a woman, probably in her fifties or late forties, with one face representing a mini color wheel. I mean her arms looked perfect, but the color of her face had turned into something I need not say much about.

Then I stood to watch her from an angle. I realised she lifted her head not often. The thing called confidence had totally been taken away from her and she defined her desperate move to leave the sun’s rays and find shelter.

Maybe she made a mistake and is paying for it, you can’t tell me she doesn’t care. She does and will, but with some therapy of some kind I’m sure she’ll come out successful, probably to boost her confidence and improve her life.

But my dear friend, you are young, you have a brighter future. Not long ago, Lupita Nyongo was named People’s Magazine most beautiful, an honour and a step to encourage most young black women.

Maybe you know someone who is already under the drastic effect of this act. Don’t despise them, help them feel good about themselves. They have committed the mistake, they need you, they are not supposed, under any circumstance to feel rejected or secluded. Once they are alive, it’s your responsibility.

Black is beautiful, especially when it has been well preserved with the intake of fruits and water. Black skin goes with beautiful colours and you would be amazed the kinds of colour combinations you could make with your shining black skin.

Even if you would want to lighten up a little bit, you could use the natural means of taking in lots of water, some amount of lime and lemons, cleansing and fruits. These prepare a healthy skin without side effects.

Feel good about yourself. Self esteem is something we develop. It takes time, but you can. Read, learn and pray. You are beautiful, you are priceless and nothing can change your value.

Thinking of bleaching? I hope I was able to make you think twice.

Blessings family!


6 thoughts on “Shaming the Skin Bleach thought.

  1. z true but i v a friend who z bleachn n she z so confident of herself dat she thnks she so beautiful. also she applies a lot of make ups n z dat bad.

  2. If they knew if the long term effect they would never try it. Mostly ignorance and low self esteem.people pass comments now that light skinned girls are pretty and most of the guys pick light skinned girls over dark’s just a stupid notion going round and it must be stopped

    • Thank you so much for commenting. It’s a perfect point you’ve raised here. Whether light skinned or black, there’s that beautiful sparkle that shines in every true heart, not colour. Thanks

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