Benefits of Home Gardening You May Have Ignored

Home gardening is nothing new, but how popular is something old as this among the youth. Their first approach to a suggestion of creating a home garden would be, ‘Naah’ or ‘Never’? After all, who would want to get his or hands dirty when they could simply get what they want from the markets.

Why you should own a home garden
It’s disheartening to know that what we are consuming on the market is not entirely wholesome. The concentration of chemicals, insecticides and pesticides as facilitators of protection and speedy development of seedlings being used is almost unbearable.

After I had eaten a banana from a home garden, I immediately envied our ancestors who had not been denied the taste of fresh wholesome succulent fruits and vegetables.

Home gardening is one amazing way you could stay true to a responsibility. Like having a pet or a mini business you assign yourself to a task that gets you relaxed and inspired.


Seeing the fruits, vegetables and plants grow is a total achievement. For those who are religious, it is a pleasure seeing God watering the toils of our labour.

Home gardens are a beautiful place to relax. For others who live in beach-deprived areas, like our garden city fellows, taking a trip to your garden on a sunny day, with your book or laptop would be relieving. Let’s say, you could feel refreshed and charged with new ideas.

More than just a personal venture, home gardens are times for family times. You are able to assign your daughter to the melons, your son to the tomatoes, yourself, to probably the weeding and pruning. It’s a beautiful thing.

Who said going to the gym and jogging were the only forms of exercises? Home gardening is another beautiful way to burn some fat. The digging, the watering, the pruning and the harvesting. Don’t miss those moments.

A good harvest is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Why don’t you call your friends over and prepare a fruit salad or vegetable casserole with your own garden produce. You could send some to your neighbors or pastors or hospital inmates as a gift. There are numerous goals you could set before you, that way, you are able to get in line.

Authorship is not bad, you could someday think about writing a book after ten years of successful home gardening, maybe after being inspired when you read this post from Bobbywrites.

Fill your social media with super tips about your home garden. Maybe updates of you holding a grown melon, tomatoes or orange. Or you having different flowers on a flower bed. It’s all another beautiful aspect of you I’m sure you’ll love.

Get ready for tips on how to begin a simple home garden. This time I may engage a better expert. Hope I convinced you tho.



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