Do We Blame The Psychopaths?

This week I had the opportunity to meet and learn from a man who had the urge to eat human flesh. At the age of thirty seven his fantasies had become almost real when he put an online post for a homosexual partner.
After someone had finally visited him, he sedated him and killed him, then he ate his flesh, as lunch, supper and breakfast.

He videotaped the act and the investigators had to go for counselling since the video of the murder by the murderer was unbelievably gruesome.

There have been other serious acts by people who are called psychopaths. Those who kidnap children, sexually abuse them and kill them in the end. Those who enjoy sexual molestation of minors and in fact there are numerous people who are also in the same predicament.

Do we blame Psychopaths?
A question I have boldly stepped out to answer. I find it difficult defending them but sometimes the issue lies in the foundation of their unfortunate beginnings.

For the above scenario, which is a true one, the man had a tough beginning. His father left him and his half brothers at a tender age, then his two half brothers left him and stayed with their father.

He had to live with a step mother who prevented him from having a social life. She restricted him from leaving the home and made him perform several tasks in the home.

As if that wasn’t enough, she made him wear a pair of short jeans and a shirt. She denied him of a joyous and cheerful life. And then she died, leaving him without friends and family. A closed human life, without joy, stuck up in his own world.

The initial stages of a person’s life is highly significant. It’s rather interesting to note that in some people’s homes, maltreatment and discrimination against particular children and step relatives is what people take pride in.


This despicable act of keeping children indoors and making them work for hours extensively is the creation of another world for them. Ideally, the devastating woes of this empire is not envisioned until they are mature enough to take their own decisions.

Thanks to God, some children are lucky, their guardian angels are more responsive, probably, and clip the wings of a future of pain and loneliness but catapult them to success and fame. Such people tell their stories with such pain and they have a different approach to situations.

But for those who don’t get it that way, they revenge or shift their pain to other innocent people, vulnerable children, old women and people with disability.

The Answer
If you were a judge in the courtroom, and to you was brought someone who had killed twelve children, after sexually abusing them, and burning their flesh, what would you say?

Probably, you would rush to sentence such a fellow to death or life imprisonment. What if you realise the fellow had a bitter past, was also abused, was a child of a single parent?
Would your decision be the same?

If yes, then we should treat people, especially children without parents with care and attention. It takes much but to make the world we have to try.

Treating children and housemaid’s with some respect and dignity is key. Don’t make them seem so inferior and disadvantaged.

Parents who take their children through the indoor school and deprive them of having a social life should reconsider. Humans need humans. Find a game for your child, make them socialise. Teachers should discourage bullying with every effort, children with extraordinary and suspicious introversions should be counselled. It’s a joint responsibility!

Let’s make this world a better place!


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