Exclusive: Bobbywrites Meets Talented Artist, VicyShades!

The art of drawing and painting is something I find difficult to permanently understand. It may seem like a common talent these days since most people now have come out as artists but there’s something absolutely unique about each artist that makes him or her stand out.

Meet Klaus, an artist with a difference. Maybe you have to read this interview and know what I’m talking about. His artwork speaks, he gives you the painting and provides you with an emotion to relate with.


Bobbywrites: Good morning Klaus, Bobbywrites considers it a pleasure meeting you.

You are the maiden young talent feature for the month of June and it’s an honor having the opportunity interviewing you

Klaus: Thank you very much Bobby, i’m honored to be given this platform.

Bobbywrites; Tell me a bit about your art

Klaus: Well, i started drawing on a dare when i was inprimary school and used to draw anything that captured my interest, from cartoons to objects in the environment around me. Recently i deal more in shading human faces and portraits, religious scenes mostly from the Bible and still into things that captures my interest.

Bobbywrites: Could you remember the first portrait you drew?
Bobbywrites: How did it go?

Klaus: My first portrait was a picture of Beyonce i drew off an exercise book, since it was my first time shading i was a bit unsure of the outcome. After i finished i was just as amazed as the onlookers.
I remember my Dad encouraging me to develop my talent and pledging his support.

Bobbywrites: I’m already inspired by you because for some people, once they try and they fail to draw well, they give up
Bobbywrites: Would you say it was the feedback that pushed you to do this?
Would you have stopped if it turned out bad?

Klaus: Not really, it was the urge i always had to draw anything beautiful i see around, and there is this voice that tells me what how to do it. If my shading had not gone as planned i would have still pushed myself in the one i already knew how to do but find accomplished artists to help me out with shading. I still consult other artists for help sometimes.
Drawing for me is more enjoyable than it is stressful or time consuming because its something i love doing.

Bobbywrites 📝: I see your artwork and I’m seriously dazzled. Your artwork is different than the usual ones I see. They carry a different message
What inspires your choice of art?


Klaus: I attribute it mostly to my personality, i tend to care more about the emotions of people around me and hence i try to depict that in the faces i draw. My main art subjects are people of all races.
I believe the face can communicate anything with the right effects.

Bobbywrites: How many minutes does it take you to draw one portrait?

Klaus: If i sit down for a portrait, left alone i use about five hours. But if im interupted due to my activities during the day, i take approximately two days.
There was an instance i used three days to complete two portraits under pressure.

Bobbywrites: That’s great.
If you were to commercialise your artwork, do you think Children illustrations and fiction would be apt? Or you have other parts you’ll branch into?

Klaus: I dont have the flare for fiction but i love realistic art and that will be my focal point.

Bobbywrites: Do you have plans for the future. Maybe opening an art school, a studio or something?

Klaus: Definitely, i have a business plan for an art gallery that would commercialise arts in an inovative way giving it a wide horizon. I would be open to various other artists and i am working gradually towards that goal.

Bobbywrites: I hear you have a brand name, could you tell me more about it and what you do?

Klaus: My brand name is Vicyshades and i sign klausy or vicy on my drawings since it was created. Vicyshades is the trademark for the artists who have joined me to make portraits for our clients.

Bobbywrites: My readers want to know, did you study arts in school?

Klaus: No, i’m a self-taught artist who takes lessons from any good artist I comes accross and with that i have been improving my artwork.

Bobbywrites: Klaus it’s been amazing speaking with you
But you have to go through the Bobbywrites interactive session

Bobbywrites: Rice or Fufu?
Klaus: Thank you, definitly Fufu…

Bobbywrites: Single or engaged?

Klaus: Single but with a prospective buyer.

Bobbywrites: Haha
A Samsung S5 or an Apple 5?

Klaus: Surely Samsung S5

Bobbywrites: What would be your words for people who have given up on drawing?

Klaus: They are missing the great sense of accomplishment and admiration that accompanies drawing. They have to go back.

Bobbywrites: Thank you Klaus
Bobbywrites wishes you the best of luck in your career. We hope to see you on BBC or CNN sharing your success story in the near future

Once again, it’s been wonderful spending time with you.

Portraits by VicyShades





You should have this man on your wedding day!

All images are property of VicyShades!


6 thoughts on “Exclusive: Bobbywrites Meets Talented Artist, VicyShades!

  1. Fantastic! Bobby thanks for fishing out such a great artist and creating the awareness.This will help motivate others to also bring out the best in them.

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