Father’s Day, A forced Celebration?

Mother’s Day is a day we cannot forgo. I have witnessed and heard stories of mothers who were not appreciated on their birthdays and on special days and this caused lots of problems for the ‘innocent’ culprits.

Well, forget a father’s birthday and he’ll understand you were either busy, or tired, or you simply forgot. Some may take it differently, some pain and hurt, emotionally, but it would be for some hours or days and they’ll get over it.

Forget a mother’s birthday and you’ll understand what I mean by a tear-bank. There are special tears they save for days like this. Or they would allow you to explain and elaborate with words in detail why you of all people would forget their birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day. It’s funny people haven’t learnt that the best thing to do for them when you are faced with such a situation is just say sorry and go your way.

Hmmm, Father’s Day? Where did you come from. On Father’s Day I would dare say, I am hypothetically one of the most confused people on earth. The questions I ask are,
Are they just doing this because we have done it for mothers so, they also have to get their share? and Do fathers really appreciate this day? Is it necessary to them?


Usually I see how our mothers dress elegantly to church, how they hold in pride the beauty of the day. Our fathers are proud, but with this church issue, dinner for men, gifts on Father’s Day? I mean…. Really?

It’s not wrong to celebrate fathers, but for those who are constantly making noise on radio and television about Father’s Day and how Mother’s Day is hyped over Father’s Day should kindly give me a break. Men are men, and they appreciate the Thank You gesture and that’s as simple as that.

Well, Father’s Day is six days away, girls, give them hugs and kisses, boys, clap for them and say ‘Thank Dad’, wives, you could buy them tokens, but reserve all the emotions for their birthdays, I tell you, they’ll love that than the whole Father’s Day speech thing and cards and flowers and new clothes.

Thank you fathers for being there for us, our Josephs, our brothers and friends. We love you but I’m sorry, we are not doing the same for you as we did for mothers and we know you’re perfectly okay with that!

Great Monday Bobbyreads.

Wonderful week!

Photo credit: http://www.updatesnation.com


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