Thought of Value Added Names?

Ghanaian names are sweet, whether they have been manipulated or ‘brofolised’ they still hold a meaning, and when one is blessed to have the opportunity to research into the roots of their names, they realise that they have something more valuable than what they’ve been comfortable with for a long time.

I reminisce the old days when some of my classmates would not want to be called by their local names because they felt they were being teased. They would rather go in for a foreign name, (I think that was mostly done by the girls). They’ll name themselves Gracabelle, Kuzzity, and others and would add those to their names.

If you are a social media user you may have met names like Eh-Wu-Ram-Ma, Quarmi, Kwar-ber-nah or Ah-Rah-Ba?
I ask myself, where from these? What style is this?


Well, I must confess, that Ghanaians have been inspired by the use of these names by a few people who are impacting the world positively.

It’s not strange these days on social media to discover the name John Sark Something or Mavis Efya …. And it’s not even part of their names.

Maybe adding this point to the many motivational talks would be a great boost to people’s dreams and passions.

You could tell your audience or yourself about lifting your name to a standard where you will be unique and different. You’ll have that local name but the value on it would be priceless, maybe someone somewhere would want to use it as his or her middle name.

Then we could go a step further and use the names for our branding. Ansah Productions, Senchi Photography, Fomena Farms. Try and drop your name and your firm if you already feel proud about your roots.

Bobbywrites would specially congratulate Ghanaian youth who are touching lives with what they are doing and embracing the authenticity of their tradition and honour.

Let’s say big ups to Sarkodie, Efya, Samini, Asamoah Gyan, Becca and so many more who are raising Ghana’s flag so high we may have to stretch our necks so high to see our future’s success.

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Thought of Value Added Names?

  1. …big ups to Bishop Salifu Amoako, Cecilia Marfo, Apostle Sam Kwankye Ankra, Rev. Eric Kwapong…..these are great people with original Ghanaian names. Blessing.
    have a great weekend Bobby…

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