Happy Month, Expect Good Things

To desire the good of the land of the living is a part of human life you cannot forgo. Maybe I would be wrong to begin my month with the heavy argument that exists between charismatic churches and the orthodox ones on the subject of prosperity and the subject of suffering.
Whether we should accept the fate of sickness and disease, losses and probably hope in faith for healing or whether we should consistently pray and pray and pray and confess until we get what we want.
That’s one of the topics we would surely talk about this month, then God willing, I will release my analysis on the Ghanaian Television Entertainment industry. You would not want to miss that. Other amazing articles, features and stunning designs from Wear Ghana awaits us as well.
But don’t be left out, remember that God loves you, he wouldn’t leave you. It’s a new month, feel free to approach Him, at any time, to speak to Him and with Him.

This month Bobbywrites would want to tell you something little, just take a deep breath and read this patiently

You’re important, you’re precious, you’re needed. Being you, is the only way you can achieve that in its fullest. Thank you for being there for someone

God bless you all!

Happy June!




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