Security Secrets University Students Don’t Know. (1)


It was during the night, our friends had gone home for the Easter break, the heat in the room was unbearable, so we decided to sit outside for sometime, something we usually do, till maybe eleven thirty, twelve in the night where we could go to bed.
Our conversation was interrupted by the approach of a vehicle and the presence of men, well built, who wore black shirts and jeans and trousers.
We thought they weren’t serious, they looked funny.
Then we were asked to lie down, on the bare ground. For boys, to lie down was a command too fragile from these three men, we could overpower them, at least, we were more than six, but it was going to take some courage.
Our instinct as men to fight back was short lived when they showed us the ‘silencer’. We now believed they meant business. It wasn’t a toy gun, a real one that could make us see our end. Oh, poor us, our money, laptops and phones. Lord have mercy, but they were not extraordinarily hostile, I must say, they dialogued, they spoke to us, except the stubborn ones who tried not to cooperate.
They raided, room by room, my heart beat with pain and anguish, I had borrowed money from a friend, to buy a laptop and hadn’t finished paying for the laptop they were taking from me.
That was it, my phone, my borrowed laptop were all gone.
The ladies, their iPhones, iPads, laptops and money.
An experience I would not wish for anyone.

Have you heard of the ‘blade-experience?’ I’ll tell you more sometime, but this is the experience of someone who was robbed sometime within last month.

They watch our every step, ‘illiterates’ probably wiser than the learned, spies and builders of mega plans to ruin the innocent one who is gently opening doors to the unwelcome.

The battle between students and robbers is an unending one. But the truth is, it could stop somewhere, if not completely terminated, at least, we could witness it’s reduction.

Maybe we could take the blame, partially, we could also push the blame to their side, or the ‘truth’ as some people are pushing is that the school authorities are doing completely an abysmal job towards helping solve the situation.

I discuss in detail this week ten security secrets university students don’t know or are completely ignorant of.

Have a blessed week Fam.

Good News: Our Poem on Mother’s Day fetched the largest number of reads ever on the blog.
Thank you all…

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