Official Mother’s Day Citation/Poem


Celebrate your mother tomorrow with this beautiful poem

A Woman of Value.

A mother is a gift
More than precious they’re adorable
While we were all made of dust
I dare to say they were made of gold dust
Their value, far beyond compare
Mothers have two hearts
One for us and one for themselves
They love, they care and they share
From nine months till the end
Mothers, we deeply appreciate you
With claps, with kisses and hugs,
Maybe with the whole world, but above all with love
You are our Marys, Our Elizabeths and our Esthers
Women of courage, women so charming
Whether in the rain or in the heat of the sun
Mothers would forever fight for their sons
Spokesperson for daughters, a sweetheart and darling to the man,
Extraordinarily talented, undeniably blessed
Mother’s Day is not enough to celebrate you
We celebrate you every day,
Your concern, your sincerity and your sacrifice
Our priceless stars, our guardian angels
Long life and prosperity we ask,
That God Almighty Graciously adds
To your lives of greatness and glory.

Happy Mothers Day

By Bobbywrites

Artwork by CedeArt


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