Mothers’ Day Messages

Sunday, mothers would be celebrated all over the world, except in the few countries who have taken the lead already.

Bobbywrites is giving us a bank of messages we could use to appreciate the women who have caused a difference in our lives, who have touched us and those who didn’t take care of us.

Get involved.


Dear mum, celebrating you this day is not an obligation, it’s a requirement, one I cannot forget, you’re special, you’re beautiful and this day is just made for me to say Thank you to you for being there for me.


You have been a star, one that God blessed me with, to direct me like it did the wise men, God gave you to me, a treasure, an adorable one I cannot afford to ignore. Thank you mummy


The height of a mothers’ love is the difficulty of staying nine solid months, sometimes characterised with sleepless nights, and kicks in the stomach. Even after the joy of the result of pain, you still carried me in your careful hands, wiped my poop and put me to bed. I can’t continue with 365 days fairly if I don’t ask God to bless you and say thank you


Women are beautiful but you, my mum, are a beautiful pearl among the lot. You spark like the silver and glow like an angel’s halo. Celebrating you today is celebrating life’s beauty and God’s divine providence. I love you mummy.


My friends say I’m lucky, they wished they had you as their own, your hugs, your words, your love. Let there be toils, you’re there, your eyes are the twins of love, you speak the words of a guardian. Mum, you’re the best.


Mothers’ day is not enough, l celebrate you every day, you’re found in every chapter of my life, every page mentions you, from days to months to a year. Happy Mothers’ day, may you never lack! Love, love, love, that’s what you showed me, that’s what I give you too, and more.



My teacher in school, my spokesperson when in trouble, my friend and sister, you are so dear. Mum, you’re my best icon, my inspiration and my all, God blessed me with a gift. Happy Mother’s Day mummy

The others come in soon. Shout out to Cede Art for the beautiful piece of magnificent art!


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