The HouseMaid Tactics Finale


Lydia’s End

He couldn’t stand the temptation. Emefa was beautiful, but it was just one night, and after all he was a man.

Laura had refused him three weeks now and he was desperate. Secretly he had given it a thought, and his eyes grew huge.

After four nights of persistent tactics, Emefa almost gave up.
He did not even notice her, but in actual sense, he saw her and was contemplating.
Five days after his wife had left, tension had set in, Emefa improved day after day. This evening, she wore a simple pink silk night gown. Her fair thighs were totally exposed in the light see through dress.

That evening, after seeing Laura, he gently went to the hall and lay down in the couch. Emefa entered, still in the same provocative attire,
‘Sir, would you like a cup of tea?’,
‘No, he replied’.

As he lay down she came close to him, who said Emefa was not that money conscious?

She wanted to earn that money quick and leave, the other side of a desperate girl, ready to cut through her thickest forests of poverty with every advantage.

She came close, kissed him gently, as Jerry was almost nearing sleep. He couldn’t disagree, but just as every man would first do.
‘Hey, what are doing? I’m a married man.’

Sir, just this night, she said gently and proceeded. She kissed him more deeply and forced her body on top of him, her heart raced and his conscience spoke loudly,

What I’m I doing? I’m I that unfaithful? It’s a shame, he thought’

But he went on, she unbuttoned his shirt and she also did same with hers. It got intense, and there was no turning back. Emefa and Jerry shared the passion together, how could a village girl be so good at what she had not done before. Then five minutes passed, ten minutes and it was now over. She had planned it, she wanted to get pregnant, and she knew this was the perfect time.

Emefa stood up and left to her room.

Jerry woke up with much confusion on his face. He was tired and mad, especially at the dream he had had. He was surprised it was only a dream. As soon as he woke up heard some crying. It was Emefa. She loved her boss and his wife. They had been so good to her.

He knocked and entered her room, ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked patiently. She handed over the letter to him.

After reading the letter he hugged her, and wiped her tears, he wasn’t angry, but he was happy.

He had successfully proved his point, Lydia was crazy; she needed counselling and her life was a sham.

He took his phone and typed, ‘You failed, your Housemaid’s tactics have totally flopped’.

Lydia smiled when she received the message, she ripped the white T-shirt she looked at the knife close to her bed, she hated embarrassment and she would not see Jerry again.

Poor Lydia, she stopped a man from helping his pregnant wife, what couldn’t she do.

The end


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