The Housemaid’s Tactics 4


Opportunity Super Dupa

Labour wasn’t easy for Laura. She spent two hours in the ward and had a Caesarian.

But why did the midwifes and doctors get Jerry so scared if it was only a caesarian? After all, there was nothing scary about that. His mother had undergone three surgeries, his father, a heart transplant, and he had no cause to be afraid.

The midwife came out of the room smiling,
‘Jerry, right?’ She pointed at him, taking her hands out of her pocket and smiled, ‘she’s given us twins’.
The nurse continued, ‘but she’s lost a lot of blood, you have to take a test immediately so we could do the transmission’.

‘I had a test last week, and I can donate. Jerry said quickly.

The nurse smiled at Jerry, ‘sir, this hospital strictly requires that we have the test before’

Jerry looked in his briefcase, he could not wait to see his wife, he wanted to skip any long process, he showed her the results of the test.

The nurse looked at it and everything was intact.

‘You can donate, it’s no big deal’. I’ll tell my people you had the test, but I’ve lost the results.

In the house
Emefa was sweeping and cleaning her room, singing some old songs. She was praying through the songs for madam. She had come to love her so much, she really wished she were her sister or real mother.

She took her suitcase and saw a pair of jeans she hadn’t wore yet. She usually dipped her hand slowly in her pocket to try if she was going to be blessed with some money she had kept in there some time ago.

As she performed her ‘luck-ritual’ she was lucky today, she could feel a bundle. She sat on the bed and patiently brought out the bundle.

‘Ahhhhh, tweaaa, who put this envelope in my pocket?’ She was pissed, and almost threw her envelope away.

‘No, let me check.’ She said to herself and gently opened up the envelope. She saw fifty Cedi notes and a white paper.

‘Goodness, have I been tricked by Madam? Maybe these people want to test me?’
She still held the fifty Cedis notes in her hand.

Emefa counted the notes and they were ten. Then she gently opened the letter.

These were the words in the letter.

Emefa, you’re a lovely girl with great potential
I have been there to support you by bringing you here to this big house
Your mother is sick, your brother a drug addict and you need money to further your education
Well, there’s something I have for you
I will give you three times the salary you earn if you’re able to seduce your boss
Employ dangerous and serious tactics and if you lack any, let me know
All this could be yours.
Signed, Lydia

Emefa was confused, she read the letter again and again. She needed the money, she loved her madam. She had been very good to her.

Jerry gave her two hundred cedis every month, but this was six hundred cedis.

She only would have to work for four months as compared to the twelve months she had to work for Jerry and Laura.

It seemed the offer in the letter was good. Laudable and worth exploiting.

Emefa was pleased. ‘I’ll do this!!! She told herself’.

Three weeks after

The twins were beautiful, John and Juana were their names.

Laura’s mother had insisted her daughter came to live with her for a week, and after three weeks she had not ceased.

Jerry asked Laura to do this for her mother, just for a week.

He felt bad, at a point Laura’s mother thought the two suspected her of sorcery.

That Sunday morning, Laura packed her stuff, Emefa helped her with all the packing. She wanted to go with her Madam to her mum’s house but Laura insisted she stayed and cooked for her husband.

Emefa called it the best opportunity. She called it ‘Opportunity Super Dupa’
Laura left with Jerry in the black Range Rover Sport.

That Evening

Jerry returned so tired, he parked in front of the garage.

Emefa walked in the house wearing her see through morning coat. She wore no top under it. Her soft silky body showed through the dress.

Jerry called, ‘Emefa, Emefa’

‘Sir’, she replied.

As soon as Jerry saw her descending the stairs to the doorway downstairs, he opened his mouth and looked at her.

Deep within the oceans of his mind he queried,

‘This is danger’.


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