The Anger Chain.


Let me say! Take it easy with this one

Boss Matthew’s dad called him, he was angry he paid over $40000 of the family’s business money to the new investor who was fake. Boss Matthew’s dad was angry, he called him stupid and careless.
Boss Matthew was so angry, and it was already late, unfortunately, boss Matthew’s wife had not gone to pick up their son from school. He called his wife irresponsible and forgetful.

Then Boss Matthew called my Daddy to his office. My Daddy paid off the money to the fake investor, but he did it on instructional basis. Boss Matthew called my Daddy slow and daft.

Mummy was at work when Daddy called her to pick up sick Godfred from school. I’m Godfred, and I was not feeling well. Dad was angry she had not picked me earlier. Dad called mum slow and selfish.

Mum came to my school that afternoon. She saw me crying. What was wrong with me? Harold had bitten me and after I had reported the incident to Madam Hilda she said sorry me and asked me to go because she was busy. Mum was so furious, one, with me, she blamed me for not sitting quietly in class and she called me troublesome and hyperactive because I went out to play, two, at Madam Hilda, and she walked in the classroom and called the her useless and a glutton.

Madam Hilda got angry and lashed Harold after we left. Harold had a skin disease and this caused a sore around his butt area. Harold cried. It was about three fifteen when Harold’s father came to pick him from school. When he saw Harold he was deeply moved by his tears. Harold’s dad went straight to Madam Hilda and shouted at her. The confrontation was fierce. He called Madam Hilda old and ugly.

Madam Hilda went home to find her husband talking with another woman holding hands. Calamity! Madam Hilda got furious and she moved straight to the hall. After the woman had left, Madam Hilda slapped her husband and called him a cheat and a fool.

Madam Hilda’s husband grew furious. He moved straight to the kitchen and Freda the help was sleeping while the yam was on fire. He shouted her name, then, she woke up. He called her lazy and incompetent.

The maid went out of the kitchen angry at Madam Hilda’s husband because he had never done that before. As soon as she went out of the house she saw that the cat had wanted to steal one of the fish she had finished frying which was near the coal pot. She threw her left slipper at it and called it evil.

Meanwhile at home, Mom waited for dad, and when he came I could not stand but to enjoy the scene, they quarrelled till evening. How dare he called her irresponsible. I sat in my room listening to both of them.

Then Grand pa, my mother’s father, was with us on holidays, he tried to settle the issue, but it seemed he was taking sides. And guess what, mom got so angry that she left to her room and shut the door. Grandpa snubbed her and he said to my father, ‘don’t be a fool, know how to talk to my daughter’. This made it more funny, I heard Grandpa say, ‘My bp just rose’

Boss Matthew went home that evening, met his wife and father. The insults continued and you know the rest of the story…

Learning to break the anger chain is key. It’s a matter of deciding not to take your anger on other people as that is highly unfair and a sign of immaturity.
Well the only one who smiled after all this was the cat. After all it still had its fish, savouring it in the depth of it’s buccal cavity.

I also had fun, I’m only five years, where do I carry my anger to or who bears the result of my anger?

Break the anger chain today, learn from me, Godfred, or you just learn from the cat, you know what it did?
It looked at Freda and blinked, then went it’s way.

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