5 things You Should Know About The Fante Man You’re Dating


I’ll start by telling you a short story!

“Baby, you rock my world, 3y3 me sweetheart, ema me heart beat bugum bugum, that’s if I see you approaching, baby, 3y3 sweet de3 honey, na when I’m walking with you I don’t know, Maaye lost in a different world’

Eaaaasy, don’t struggle if you aren’t a Fante man or woman, but these are simple rap lines of a Fante man trying to propose to his lady, he is just releasing his juice and there are more to come.

But hey, there are a lot about this Fante man the girls have to discover. I don’t know if they already know, but I think they’ve already recognised some part of what I’m saying.

His Wife and Family
The Fante man is one who loves his wife. His joy is to be acknowledged every where he goes with his wife. The Fante man wishes above all acts of love that his wife would ask if they both wear the same design of cloth to church or to that special event.
He adores the family life. He’ll love three or four children, two girls, two boys, but his taste would be a boy first. But don’t play around his daughter, hwe, en respect biribiara ehuen? He’ll scold you, check your history and discipline you.

And he loves the new styles, a well-fitted shirt, one that does not expose his belly but projects in full magnificence his ‘fatherly’ or husband-like look.
He hates chains, those necklaces. Too many of them makes him feel as if he’s being re-colonised and has to be on a slave ship. For rings, the one he had from his wife on his wedding day is okay, the farthest he may go is two and that’s his regalia for the day.

Is the guy you’re dating a Fante, maybe you’ve not noticed. His taste for food is different. Your Fante man does not like much of the meat that’s if it is one way. He wants variety.
For instance, get him a bowl of fufu and palm nut soup, he wants the fish, the goat meat, the chicken and the periwinkles to eat with the fufu.
He barely complains about food but when he does, he means what he’s saying.
He’ll try the food once, twice and the third time, he’ll wipe his mouth and say gently, ‘Aaba, Linda, w’edziban nny3 dew koraa’, nkyen etwam u, muoko no so dooso’, ‘meaning your food is tasteless, has too much salt or too much pepper’.
His favourite food is Banku, fufu or rice with a different twist. He loves the elaborate salad, with the mayonnaise, cream, eggs, sardine and sausages. But that’s once in a while.
For the fish, talk well-spiced Tilapia and he’s all yours.

Your Fante man or boyfriend doesn’t like confronting you. He’s the type who wouldn’t chastise you openly but would gently calm you down to listen and not quarrel.
Before you get to his anger zone, you may really really really have annoyed him and he is ready to give you a piece of it. He rather prefers the let’s talk thing to the let the world hear of our case. He’ll make sure you come to a successful conclusion. It kills him to see the relationship end, and if the relationship falls apart, he’s already tried his best.
If a Fante man is cheating on the relationship, you don’t need to be smart to know. You would know, very nervous and unnatural, you’d see I told you.

The English
Don’t go there, he has the lines. How many Fante men don’t possess that charm? They twist, they turn, they squeeze and rattle the English. Be careful with them if you are listening to a business proposal by them. They may win your heart just by the dexterity and beauty of their English. I think it’s because they trace their roots to the proximity with the colonial masters.

Now to my story, the girl had no choice than to say Yes!

Are you still dating the Fante man, you’ve not made a wrong choice!


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