The Housemaid’s Tactics 3


Part 3

Intimidating Jealousy

Lydia’s move was confusing. Why would someone do that? It was something Jerry did not get. He was confused and worried, why would Lydia behave this way when she knew clearly his wife was in labour and at home?

‘Lydia, I need to rush home, my wife is in pain now’, Jerry said, still in shock at her behavior.

Lydia had a heart failure at that moment, she began to breathe so quickly and Jerry got scared.
‘Ly-Lydia, let me get someone to help you with this condition’, Jerry said, but Lydia held on to his tie and would not let go of him.

Just about that time, his cell phone rang again. He had to pick up but Lydia was busily performing her skills on him, she acted as if her heart had had a failure, but with a twist, she stretched her legs and her arms, and pulled her legs back and forth, slowly, as if she was about to die.

Jerry was confused, he tried shouting for help at the office, but the team had gone on break. How could he leave a dying Lydia in the office? Was he to leave her there and go attend to his wife? What if Lydia died after his wife’s delivery? What was he to do?

Meanwhile, Laura stayed in pain and tried to relax by breathing in and out, she was almost losing her strength, not because the pain was too tough to handle, but because her greatest fear starred at her today. She never wanted to be in this condition without Jerry.
She had read a book on how a woman lost her baby because her husband was not with her, and because she was the only one at home.
That day, after reading the book she held her sweetheart’s hand tight and said to him,
‘Jerry dear, promise me you’ll never be absent during my pain’.
Jerry assured her, that he would never ever do that, no matter the situation, and this made her weaker. Where was her husband, why had he not called?
Emefa sat by Laura, she did not know what to do. Hers was to submit to every instruction that came from her Mistress. She ran as soon as the command came, she had brought water, she had brought a napkin, she went in for some bags, and now she was fanning her, that was the current instruction from Madam.

Jerry had to do what a man would do. He tried to carry Lydia but she would not even try to loosen herself to be carried.

‘Boss, what’s wrong with madam?’ The security man came in, he wore a well-ironed khaki trouser, a pair of security boots and a white shirt.

‘Andy, please call an ambulance and get this lady to the hospital for me’ Jerry said and rushed for his car.

Seconds after Jerry started his engine and drove off, Andy had called an ambulance and was about to lift Lydia off the ground. He bent down ready to lift her up, she suddenly coughed and raised her neck. She had planned she was going to fake the heart attack till the ambulance arrived but the stench from Andy’s dress was unbearable.
She may have had a severe catarrh after the encounter.

‘Hey hey hey, I’m fine.’ Lydia said arrogantly.
‘I thought you were dying, I decided to carry you, Andy replied, in a calm but surprised tone’.
‘Hey, I’m fine, and if you tell Boss Jerry I wasn’t at the hospital, I’ll make sure you lose your job, she threatened’.

‘Ah, what are you saying? Are you warning me or threatening me?’ The security man questioned her.

‘Who are you to talk back to me?’ Lydia replied, she was getting furious, her hair clip had fallen and her pony was now an elongated spread. Her button was open and Andy could see her brazier which was red in colour. He also saw the top of her two round burgers, and she knew what she wanted to achieve with all that exposure.

‘Madam, no disrespect, but I find this very strange. You were dying a minute ago and you’re so fit now.’ Andy asked her.

‘We will see’ she said as she left the office corridor in shame and embarrassment. She pushed Andy to the wall and passed by him.

Jerry was thankful the traffic situation was calm, God had listened to his prayer. He couldn’t call his wife because he was scared she’ll wonder why he stayed so long before coming.

It was a thirty-minute drive to the house, Jerry used forty-five minutes and when he finally got to the house, he rushed to the hall and found his sweet wife sitting in the hall, her hand on the couch and she had patiently held unto Emefa’s hand.
Jerry did not explain anything, with the total force of his muscles, he lifted his wife, his treasure, even his life in his hand, she said softly, ‘don’t carry me this way, you may hurt me’.

Laura placed one hand on his neck and the other behind his waist. He rushed her to the hospital, getting down the stairs was a fifteen-minute journey.

‘Take care of the house Emefa, I’ll be back,’ he told her.

At the hospital
Nurses wore their white apparel and moved about. Jerry forgot his video camera. He had planned this day so well but it seemed the day approached rather earlier.
As soon as the nurses saw Lydia they ordered she was taken to the special female ward. It was a rather small hospital, one owned by private doctors. The quality of service was superb and it came with its corresponding charges.

Jerry sat down quietly and refused to go inside. He was tired and tensed and held in his hand a rosary. He prayed quietly and meditated on the glorious mysteries.

As he prayed, one of the nurses came out. She had a serious expression on her face. She would not smile. She looked at Jerry’s face and put her hand in her pocket.

‘What time did your wife call you?’ It seems she has been in pain for long.’ The nurse said.

‘Oh, barely two hours ago’, Jerry replied.
‘Is everything okay?’ He asked, a bit worried now.

‘You should have brought her earlier,’ The nurse replied, she had just made Jerry scared.

His heart beat twice as fast, he had a headache, he had a bad feeling, was it his wife or his baby?

Let’s see what happens


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