The Housemaid’s Tactics


Part 2

Lydia’s Confusing Move

After Jerry had spoken to Lydia he went to his car and drove straight home. To him, his mission had been accomplished, he had told Lydia about it, and things had been put in place.

As soon as he arrived, his wife had prepared some food, his favorite, rice with vegetable stew. He liked his vegetable stew hot, with lots of vegetables and fish. But he did not know where the extra weight he was putting on was coming from. Was it from late night meals or from the usual yoghurt he was taking everyday?
Well, he was still hitting the gym, playing tennis every weekend and was looking forward to getting the perfect body shape.

She kissed his forehead as he came up the stairs, the house was exquisite, they had both visited the architect before they started building the house. Funny how life begins. They’re landlord was one heck of trouble. He used to visit them almost every evening. His wife had left him and his two daughters were in school.
It became so obvious the man was so bored.
Anytime he came to their room, he wanted to contribute to everything they spoke about. It got annoying. Finally they had to move out, Jerry told him and he would not speak to any of them. He was so pissed. Was he okay? I mean, mentally, Jerry thought.

As they ate, Jerry briefed her on progress and how he spoke to Lydia about a housemaid. She smiled, ‘honey, we do need one’. I don’t know why you are insisting you don’t want one?’
‘I think you can do this on your own, honestly speaking’ Jerry answered.
Jerry, Laura retorted, what are you saying?
That evenings dinner was argument oriented, eventually, Jerry had to say sorry, not that he was wrong, but to prevent any depression or bad tempers from his wife.

Two Weeks Later

Lydia brought the housemaid to the house. It was a Sunday afternoon. Jerry and Laura had come from church and were having an afternoon cocktail in the summer hut.

Honey, whose car is that? Laura asked when she heard the sound of a car’s horn. It’s Lydia, Jerry replied, ‘I thought I told you she’ll be coming with the girl today?’

‘Oh, hmmm, yeah, I almost forgot’ She said and chuckled, I think that was for her own self.

Did you prepare the room as I told you? Jerry asked.

No, I totally forgot, I’ll move up and do so immediately. She tried getting up patiently. No, no, Jerry held her hand tight, sit and let me go do it. Get familiar with the lady and Lydia. I’ll be here soon.

Laura walked towards the main door of the house. Excited she met Lydia.

‘Hello, it’s nice to meet you dear, I’ve heard much about you from my husband’ Laura said.

Lydia smiled and replied, her smile was a manufactured one. She really did not like Laura, for a reason, she knew best.

‘Hello, Good afternoon, nice meeting you. It was strange they had never met, the engagement, the wedding and the numerous dinners. Jerry never knew why Lydia did not attend any of these. Whenever he confronted her she gave numerous excuses.

‘They sat down on the expensive wood chairs in the summer hut, Laura sat patiently and carefully.

The maid was a fair, beautiful, and polite. She wore simple braids, and looked innocent.

Jerry came down and met the two sitting under the summer hut.

As soon as he saw the young girl, he stopped for a moment. Like someone does when he’s surprised.
To him, he knew this wasn’t right. Why was the housemaid so pretty? He had to admit, even prettier than his wife?

He walked to the summer hut and was confused all through.
‘Hello Lydia’, he greeted, you finally came to my house’.
Lydia felt so uncomfortable. No one understood her.
‘Errm yeah, I know right, she said, her smile becoming more fake.

Well, Laura, do the talking, ask the young girl a bit about herself.
Laura began, ‘What’s your name dear?’

Emefa, please. She replied.

Emefa, you’re welcome, Laura said, as soon as she was about to continue with her conversation, Lydia interrupted.
‘Jerry, id want to leave, nice meeting you Laura, she said pleasantly’.

Laura asked, ‘oh, won’t you drink anything?’ Placing her hand on her chest, Lydia declined the offer.
‘I really have to leave, I’ve got things doing at the office’.

Jerry saw her off, and Laura went inside the house with her. She showed Emefa her room and asked her to rest.

That Evening
Emefa unpacked her suitcase and made it to the kitchen. She had some affection for her mistress. As they cleaned up after dinner she asked her mistress to please sit down, so she cleaned up.
Laura liked her, Jerry sat in the hall, enjoying his Sunday football analysis show.

Laura asked Emefa, ‘so Emefa, how old are you? What do you do?
‘Auntie, I’m twenty two and I just completed high school’. She said

Why a housemaid job? Laura asked, she did not know why this pretty young girl would opt to be a housemaid.
They engaged in a conversation for about thirty minutes, talking about duties, pay and Emefa’s biggest challenge, money for school next two years.
She was from a poor background, her mother was sick, with a terrible stroke that made her unable to move. Emefa’s brother took care of her but he was a talented cocaine dealer, a middle man. At least one deal could feed the family for two weeks.

Laura spoke to her husband about Emefa. He decided to give her some money at the end of every month. This was to help her take care of some few things.

It’s been three weeks and Laura and Emefa have been good friends, not ones that play hide and seek together, but a friendship that exists between a mother and daughter, or an aunt and niece.
Life was beautiful, Laura had taught her well. She could cook well, and she served well. There were just a few personal hygiene laws they needed to teach her. She wiped her face with the napkin while cooking, and Laura had warned her against that three times.

The beauty of it all is how she smiled when she was corrected.

Jerry was at work when he had a phone call. It was Emefa’s line.

‘Uncle, uncle, Aunt Laura is in pain, I think her water broke.’ Emefa said.

‘Lord help me, how was he going to beat traffic, was he going to get there in time, he left the office and rushed to his car.’

Lydia met him on the way, she suspected there was an emergency. She held his hand tight, guess what, ‘I won’t let you go’ those were her words to Jerry. She was dead serious.

What’s about to happen, is Lydia okay? Would Laura make it?

More to come.




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