The Housemaid’s Tactics


Part 1

A Request Gone Bad

Jerry’s marriage to Laura was pretty, he loved her, to the maximum. Laura had a round face, her eyes were beautiful and sparked with the innocence of a young beautiful virgin. She was twenty seven when she married Jerry and the passion and love between them has been real over the years.

Jerry is thirty years now, he is a lawyer and he’s a tall dark muscular man. Jerry was born in the west of Ghana, and stayed with his mum all through. His muscularity from the gym, but his bravery, something he had not discovered. But he’s worked it through, he has Laura and is giving her the maximum attention.

Three years since their marriage, life has been good. In-laws get the full envelope every month so they dare not complain about the child thing, all the grandson, granddaughter Wahala has been put on hold for now.

Seven Months Later

Grace has drawn close, love has brought forth pregnancy, Laura is seven months pregnant, she’s heavy and she can barely help herself to the super market. At night she speaks to Jerry, and these are her words, ‘Baby, I can’t, it’s tough, the market, the home and all these, I need an extra hand, someone who can help me, with the food and everything.’

Jerry was not okay with the request, but his wife was with his first child, what could he do than obey? He tried anyway, ‘Sweet, I don’t think it’s a good idea, I’ll tell your mum, and she could come help’.

‘No, mama is a whole lot of trouble, she’ll try controlling our marriage, investing her words in our love bank, and creating an authoritative niche for herself, sweetheart, I don’t think you’ll like that’.
He silently agreed with a nod, and said, holding her right hand as he lay shirtless on the bed, beside her protruded stomach, so huge, but beautiful, twice or thrice the size of a ball for a world football championship. He kissed her forehead passionately and they slept, her head gently placed on her husband’s chest.

The next day was good, Jerry had a successful case at the court, he was overwhelmed with joy. As soon as he left the court room, he had a call,

‘Hello darling’, the voice said as he picked up. ‘Hey, sweet, how are you?’
It was Laura, I called to know how you’re doing and ask you not to forget my request’. Jerry replied, ‘Doing great, I’ll work on it dear.’
Love you and junior, he said as he gently cut the call.

Lydia, was the lawyer defending for the next case, she was a good friend. Jerry approached her and asked,
‘Could I ask you, we have an issue at home?’
Don’t tell me your wife has began giving you the cold shoulder?
‘Oh, no, she can’t do that’. He said, adding, I refuse it.
‘Take it easy dear, ’twas just a question?’ Lydia replied.
‘Well, go ahead, what’s up?’ Lydia said, placing her black suit on top of one of the benches, the judge was on break and would be returning in fifteen minutes.
‘We need a house help at home, my wife’s pregnancy, and all those responsibilities. Although I’m not in support, she needs it, that much, so I wanted to know if you’ll be of help?’.
Lydia paused for a while, yeah, I could be of help, ermm, but, do you think, it’s a good idea?

She did not like the idea, but well, she did not hesitate. A thought crossed Lydia’s mind, she was about to give him a lecture, but as soon as she began to speak, she hushed, as if someone had asked her to.
‘Oh, do you think?, no, let me be quiet. She said.
Lydia, why are you behaving this way? If there’s anything you don’t get, tell me. Jerry said

It’s nothing serious, I’ll see what I’ll do. My little sister’s friend has completed SHS, she wanted a job, let’s see, I’ll speak to her and we’ll see.

Jerry thanked her, God bless you sweet pal, he left.

Some water for Bobbywrites, part two comes soon…


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