The Nasty Unfair Judge. Guilty?


Alright, okay, I know, you miss me, same here. It’s the activities here and there, but God’s been good, strong and healthy, we’re marching on.

My lesson for this week was a brilliant one, because, until now, I would have been a nasty judge, unfair and bias, because my conscience was teaching me wrongly and I was also responding accordingly. Oh, shame on me.

You know, when we see people from afar, we start drawing who they are from our mind’s drawing board. As if we are the world’s most powerful investigative satellite, we go further to state what we think the person does, what he or she says and all. Then we would add, ‘As for this one, she’s too this and that’. Then we have those nasty thoughts about them in our heads.

Then the perfect challenge comes our way. This week, you’re on the same team with this person, be it in class, in the workplace or in church. Then you ask yourself, ‘Oh my God, I’m I going to work with this guy? Yuck, then you begin to try and create your own boundaries. That’s okay, but for my girls, they may go ahead and tell their friends, ‘Could you imagine I’m working with John this week?’ As for me, I can’t work with him oh, he won’t talk, he’ll be late, ah, he’s so this and that, and they’ll try and define him with all the adjectives and adverbs in the world.

After we meet them and they work on our team, we open our mouths so wide and a shameful disgrace, I’m serious here, a shameful disgrace puts our head into water. We are so amazed and dazzled, the people we called lazy and quiet are something different. We then begin to change our perception, we then get close and even finally become best of friends.

To create an impression about people is normal, especially when the person has a style of dressing, a way of talking or interacting. For instance, a girl who wears mini skirts constantly may be considered promiscuous, and the guy who talks slowly and smoothly may be called a Casanova. Okay, the same way, what about the guy who sings sweet music in church and the beautiful sister who’s always smiling at people. They may also have the other side hidden somewhere.

Ladies and gentlemen, to create an impression about someone is wrong. Get closer to them and get them talking. We want to change lives, we want to touch lives but are pulling away from people? Good, get close to them, and let your own, I mean the good you affect them positively.

This week, I’m certain that you are buying that mental eraser, the one you would use to clear your indelible thoughts about people you haven’t met yet, but have seen and drawn your conclusions.

It’s difficult but simple, we all have shells, don’t judge the shell but speak about the yolk, where the true components could be found.

Happy Saturday, Cheers


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