Friend, Be careful with that drug.


Malaria has it’s own tricks it plays. I initially wanted to say she plays, but let me avoid the bias, before my female readers strangle me to discomfort with their piercing comments on my site.
Well, you know, you treat the malaria and one Adwoa Yaa Nkutuo, with her wings, and her witchcraft decides to feed on your body, and she’s so generous, she sucks and donates. I said it, she gives and takes, a paramount characteristic of our dear women.
I had already taken in two packs of anti malarial drugs, but the malaria would go and come back. Thanks to the new opening in the sieve I hadn’t observed until today, where the mosquitoes maneuvered to enter into my room and after the test was conducted, by inserting a long syringe into my arm, you should have seen my face, and yes, I was told, ‘You have malaria parasites in there’ Then, like the new Ghanaian citizen I exclaimed, Doctor, ‘like seriously?!’ Well, the Doctor looked at me, and shook his head.

This time, I wasn’t going to buy pills, after all, the President said we should start purchasing made in Ghana goods.
I made my way into a herbal shop to purchase one local malaria drug. Well, the last time I used it, it was helpful, and over a period of a year or so, I saw so many on the shelve, and was absolutely happy about the fact that I was going to destroy my enemy, malaria parasites.
This was the interaction
Me: ‘Good afternoon’. Do you have the *****(Name of the drug) malaria drug?
Shop Owner: Good afternoon, one goes for 6 cedis.
(He reaches out and picks one for me)
After I examine the drug I ask,
Me: But there’s no expiry date here oh.
Shop owner: Errhnn, that’s how they come these days. Nothing of the sort
Me: Ah, are you sure? Cos they come bottled and packaged. Why doesn’t it have one?
Shop owner: These days, that’s how they bring them.
Well I had a slight headache and I was not ready to argue, I wanted this malaria to disappear.
I bought it and brought it home.

Part 2
It’s evening now and I’m supposed to take this drug in. I sat down and took the bottle. I was not certain of the authenticity of the drug, well, it doesn’t matter does it? Who would make a fake drug, I asked within my mind.
Right before I consumed it, my conscience won’t rest, don’t take it now, I placed the bottle one the table and called the number on the label.

Me: ‘Hello’
Is this the
CEO of ***** producers of the **** drug?
Voice: No, not at all, I don’t know them and why they put my number there.
(She continued)
People have been calling me about the drug, meanwhile I don’t even know them.
Me: Thank you.
Did I call the wrong number? I checked and it was the same thing I had written.
Alright, that’s okay, I checked the bottle’s label again and there was a website.
I typed it in the search engine and luckily that was a true website. I took my time and read the history and detail of the website, well, I mean thoroughly. Then I located the number of the head office on the site.
I called the office and another conversation:
Me: Hello (A female voice) Good evening madam
Woman: Good evening, could I help you?
Me: I bought the **** malaria drug and it did not have the expiry date and a packaging. Do I take it?
Woman: Ei, our packaging is finished though but we have expiry dates. Maybe it was a mistake.
Me: Really? Then I can take it then.
Woman: Hmmm, I’ll give you the doctor’s number, so he’ll check it out for you.
Me: Thank you.

After I took the doctor’s number I did not waste time in calling him at all. The parasites were speaking and if they could hear me, I suppose they were confused. Why would he waste all his time calling before he takes a malaria drug?

Doctor: Hello
Me: Sir, Good afternoon, I called to verify a malaria drug I bought.
Doctor: Sure, what’s the brand?
Me: **** herbal. But it has no expiry date, and no packaging. Is it safe?
Doctor: We are currently having a problem with the packaging but the expiry date and manufacturing date must be there.
Don’t drink it, it’s not safe.
Me: Thanks Doc, grateful.

After the call, I felt I had been a hero, at least, for today. What could have happened if I took the drug? The implications and the effects.

Then I asked questions.
Do I return the drug to where I bought it from?
Do I write a formal report to the food and drugs board?
Do I tell the necessary authorities so that the required action is undertaken?

Well, something beats my imagination. Why on earth would someone spend time to produce a fake drug that has the potential of making someone worse rather than better?

A deeper question is, ‘If the drugs are supplied by the companies or pharmacies who produce them and stores procure them from these pharmacies, how is it possible that the fake ones come on the market?
What are the distribution channels?

Did you hear the story of the woman who lost her husband and three children right after they consumed a locally manufactured drug? Well, if not learn to do the right thing.

Friend, your health is your wealth, it doesn’t matter if you have to go the extra mile of calling a pharmacist you know, or going to the verified people for correct dispensing to be provided for you.

My principle is ‘Check and check and check again till you have absolutely no doubts.’

Happy Saturday, dear Bobbyreads!

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