The Pearls of Life

Her life is admirable
Her voice is adorable
Her words are consolation
Her heart is love

She doesn’t sit and fold
Till her arms grow old
She prays and fasts
Till she knows her tasks

Do you still call them weak?
Just because they are meek?
Let your ignorance deceive
Your position she’ll receive

Call her a manager
She’s a glorious monster
Come close to her offspring
Face her angry love sting

It’s a day for her
Call her, speak to her ear
She’s brave and talented
She’s strong and motivated

This breed is strong
From a rib to a nation
Touching lives with passion
Making our world a mansion.

Never touch her with your fist
Never hit her with the stick
Conversation is their life
Speak it sweet and they’ll not strike

Women are pearls so precious
Good or bad, they hold till nine
May the good live longer
Let the bad become better.

Happy International Women’s Day.
God bless all women today!

From Bobbywrites to all women


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