School buses, A ride home or another ‘slave ship’?


No matter our work condition, we usually get back home tired and stressed at times. You meet people, you run errands and perform a lot of responsibilities. What about those in the Kindergarten and Lower Primary school? They go through worse things than this.
As early as seven in the morning, these children go to school and some stay till two or three. During this time, the children are taken through a lot of work, they draw, recite poems and read. In the afternoon, the children play, and rest, as some schools have sleep time for the children during the afternoon periods.
This detail of their activity is to show us that these children go through a packed day and would definitely get tired as the day comes to a close.
Right, you may have seen this but not looked closely. Children after school have been conveyed in school buses and the buses have been ‘packed to maximum capacity’.

A typical school bus scenario
I once got on these school buses, to have a feel of what these children go through on their way home. It’s highly stressful, some of the children stand, others sit on others laps. Some of them are very tired and they sleep. Then I saw another girl tell another, ‘You too erhh, you’re sitting at my place’ Then there was a big hit on her head, which almost resulted in a fight. Oh, and the teacher who sat comfortably in the front seat and turned just to shout, ‘Herh, keep quiet, come on, Linda (one of the students) write names of talkatives’.

It is highly disturbing that these children, after going through all these motions in school have to go back home on a bus that gives them no breathing space. In the afternoons, with the unbearable heat, you cannot imagine the sweat and the temperature in the buses.
Well, who’s to blame? Ghanaian parents would always and always continue to amaze me. These children are brought right to their doorstep. They see, but won’t talk. No, how can you see your child sit in a bus, without comfort and not complain?
After all, the bus fare is too expensive and they can’t afford it, or the child has done something wrong in the morning and has to receive punishment. I mean, you can’t understand why the parents are unconcerned?
Don’t allow your children to have a tough time going through school. It’s highly expedient children come back home happy and though tired, with some cheer. Maybe I’ll suggest there should be fines for schools that are guilty to this offence. Parents and teacher associations should come together and agree to buy comfortable buses for the children. Maintenance is key, these buses should be maintained.
That attitude of waiting for things to happen before we take action must stop. Our children remain dear to our hearts, it’s a combined task to help curb this social problem.

Have a great week.

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