The wavy relationship. What do I do?

It’s been three years and we’ve been dating. We were best friends and in church together. Her voice was superb, I think angels came down from heaven when she sang. But wait, I was the organist too. I played while she sang. As if you know, after three years, I don’t know why, we just don’t talk.
We had a quarrel three months ago. We argued bitterly about men and women, and the topic was, Who loses weight earlier? She said women, I said men. She spoke, I argued, she got pissed I said all women were inferior, and I got pissed cos she said all men who allowed obesity into their camps were unattractive and potentially impotent. Whew, harsh words.
The next morning, she won’t look at my face. I was also foolish, I won’t look at hers.
Hmmm, let me tell you something, I saw her and passed by. But we still play and sing at church too. It sounds foolish right? Yeah, I know it does. Good, let me tell you more, then I did not see her for a week, she also didn’t, I did not call, she also didn’t, I was not ready to settle things, she also wasn’t. Then two months approached, I began to seriously miss her. Then I saw her walking with another organist who now plays while she sings. I also went out to find one pretty lady who sings then I play. It’s payback right?
Okay, now I’ve had enough, I went to her last week to say sorry. But there was no connection. Even that one koraa she said she was so so busy. Now we are like strangers. The big question I’m asking is, what is the right move? What can I do to restore the relationship, what if she’s taken another guy? I’m planning in buying us two tickets for a movie this weekend, what if she rejects it? Hmmm.

Please help Kojo, he needs our help with suggestions.

God bless us all.



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