ChoralFest 2014!!!


It’s the biggest choral event ever to hit the KNUST campus. I would not be wrong to say this is one of the most expected events on any university’s Christian calendar.

On the 1st of March, at 5:00pm prompt, all the top Pax Romana Choirs of the Universities in Ghana are participating in one mega show to praise The Lord, under the theme ‘Remain in Christ and Rejoice in Him always’.

This year’s event is being hosted by Pax Choir KNUST and it’s being hinted to be a massive event with splendid soul lifting and inspiring music.
Other universities have hosted it and it has always been amazing.
If you’re a lover of music, or want to have some deep spiritual refreshing, this is the time to be present at the CCB auditorium and experience the presence of God’s angels here on earth to visit His children through the ministration of beautiful harmonious songs. Funds raised would also be used to support RUDEP 2014 in order to get the word of God to the nations.
You can’t afford to miss this wonderful event. Be there!!!


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