Forgetfulness could be dangerous!


It’s dangerous and serious whether mild or serious. I don’t know whether to classify it under habits or diseases or conditions. Forgetfulness could have drastic effects, some being irreversible.

Imagine Jenny who has her Visa and passport and has all her items ready to go to Canada or Australia for a serious program. The flight is 7:30 on Monday. Jenny absolutely forgets to take the Passport and leaves it on her desk. She arrives and at the airport she realises she couldn’t do anything about it. She has to be left behind and miss the journey.

What about Aunt Joy who is cooking for her husband’s family who’ll be in in about 50 minutes. She begins to cook and hears a friend call her outside. She is talking to her friend and she asks her to take a stroll with her to see a friend who’s lost her grandma. Aunt Joy has forgotten she’s cooking and has to face the embarrassment of not having any food for her guests or even a kitchen filled with smoke.

We all forget, but some people always forget. They forget what they have to say, what they learn, and all occasions. Girls sometimes forget that it’s that time of the month, boys forget birthdays and anniversaries(they deserve slaps for that right?) How do we help our memory, how do we reduce our forgetfulness?

Here are some advisable tips:
1. You are not perfect: One thing you should know is you are not perfect, you cannot remember everything. Have a memo pad or little paper stickers that would help you remember everything.

2. Ask people to remind you. If you ask another forgetful person, it’s a big mistake you’re making there. Then after asking people, remember to thank them for reminding you. That helps a lot. If not, next time, you face the risk of them intentionally not reminding you.

3. Relax before you begin the day. Don’t rush, sit down, meditate and have some silent time. This would help you bring lots of things to memory. Take it easy, it’s better to be a little late than to forget your hard disk or pen drive for a presentation and lose your promotion or marks.

4. Pray before you start the day. We all know the amazing power that prayer holds. God is our strength and He’ll never disappoint us.

Alright folks, enjoy your week right, God loves you much, He cares and you’ll end this week smiling. Bless you all

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