Don’t Stop!!!


Today’s Sunday, another glorious opportunity to fellowship in Christ Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
This Christian journey is not an easy one. So many experiences that are terrible. Sometimes, in a day, temptations flow like water, so many of them but God gives you the endurance.
Imagine you re dedicated your life to God two weeks ago and you’re so determined to make it, you’ve been speaking in tongues and praying so hard. As a girl, there was this muscular, super cool guy you’ve been eyeing the whole semester but you don’t even get the chance to see him. And you go to the notice board and there his name is, he’s in your group. You visit your room and there’s this boy who’s been worrying you since Junior High and he’s there with your roommate.
As if that is not enough, then at church in the evening, you see a friend who has owed you 70cedis all this while, from first semester and in your heart you’ve purposed to give it to him, since you’re probably in your final year, but now you’re almost broke, and that money would push you.
What a day? You are so prone to acting different that day, you could do things that would shift your motives.

But friend, don’t stop leaning on God. Don’t stop praying, don’t stop praising, don’t stop leaning on Him. After all, we are here to live for Him. It’ll hurt that after sometime, when He comes for His people, you’ll be called an unfaithful servant. We’ve all made terrible mistakes, sometimes it’s even difficult to think about our dirty past, but the truth is YOUR PAST DOESNT DEFINE YOU.

God wants to see the new you, the true you, He wants you to move forward. Remember the story of the adulterer who was caught in the Bible, the first thing Jesus said was ‘I don’t condemn you’ He’s not condemned you, you have the chance, the chance to move and forge ahead. The worst thing to do is to stop and say, ‘I can’t make it, I can’t do it’.

Pray and Praise your way through, GOD IS OUR STRENGTH.

Say this today

‘Heavenly Father
You’re all I’ve got
You’re all I have
Without you I’m absolutely nothing
Thank You I’m making it
Thank You I’m not giving up
There’s a plan for me
And I know you’ll bring it to a great end.
In Jesus’ name. Amen

God bless you dear Bobbyread. Don’t stop!!!


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