Lessons from Komla Dumor

I’m always amazed at the arts that come from Cede Art. He’s always on point, an exquisite talent that brings life to all his drawings. This week, he brings us a portrait of the late Komla Dumor. I wrote this late, because I was still digesting the news, but after finally coming to terms with it, I know very well that God has His own plan, He has the final say and in everything, we give Him thanks.
The late Komla was an icon to many many youth across the globe, Ghana to be apt, to them, he was exceptionally talented, supernaturally endowed, and personally motivated. Let’s pick these qualities one after the other and glorify God for them and learn from them.


Exceptionally Talented
Talents are ‘common’ these days. In a recent talent show I watched on Tv3, I saw that most of the children could now play the piano and sing together, something that was great to do in Ghana years back, but now a regular thing. We hear our radio presenters every day, and our broadcasters as well, though some of them are doing very well, especially Bridget Otoo of Tv3 and Nana Aba Anamoah just to name a few, Komla’s passion added grace to his talent. You could barely take your remote to change the channel when Komla was on air. You could see that even after attaining
such height, he was prepared to develop what God had endowed him with. His exceptional talent was driven by his passion and his delivery was marked with absolute radiant and positive dexterity. What a beautiful trait.

Supernaturally Endowed
Did you watch the Ted video of Komla? He showed great humility and was well informed. These two things, if a man could blend is something worth applauding. Komla did so well, and radiated the beauty of what I call grace while he spoke. During his presentations, interviews and adverts, Komla sold himself so well. Apart from his natural capabilities, I must say, this was from somewhere, and Komla had it and more.

Personally Motivated
A person who moves and moves till he’s tired. Komla was asked to take sometime off, but to him work was necessary. He was ready to go the extra mile. He won’t give up till he attained the peak, the highest point. Motivation today needs a lot of personal psyching, personal mind training and lots of reading goes into that. Komla did so well, people admired the fact that he persevered and was so determined to make it. I can say Komla has been a different icon because instead of being so focused on himself, he rather made Africa his priority, Ghana his topmost priority. He was a true son of the land.
Well done Komla.

Other things are his great smile, his confidence and his countenance in general, he’ll forever be remembered.

I also thought, this should be the time we take queues also, let’s not overdo the work when we are tired, let’s be bold to say, I want to rest, I need a break sir, I need a leave. This helps.

Let’s keep God in our lives, who expected Komla to go so soon. A life devoted to Him would make an impact. Morning devotions, daily communications with Him cannot be downplayed. Who knew, who knew he would go so soon?

We thank God for this gift, for Komla, we know He knows best!!!

Well done Komla, you served!!!

To the family, we pray God keeps them safe, our deepest prayers of hope and comfort go to them. May God smile on them.

Have a blessed Saturday Fam. Bless bless. Thank you Cede Art.


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