Prophets and prophets of Ghana


Ever wondered the effect of your words? How the tongue could be harmful and beneficial at the same time? Would you rather curse Ghana or bless her with your words?

There are two groups of people in this country, the Prophets and the prophets. But it’s amazing the Prophets are now reducing their standard to prophets and after my analysis of both groups, one would understand the depth of being on one side and the intensive influence you have on this country.

Things aren’t easy now, it’s just the surface, but the reality of the cedi falling is yet to be realized. It’s bad but not worse yet. The people of Israel in the Bible, after God had promised them all the goodies and their coming out of Egypt still lamented and complained bitterly. They knew very well the promise of God, they knew the details of what He was yet to do for them and still complained because it was taking too long to happen.

The first group of Prophets are those who accept the reality of the situation but are hopeful that it would not be like this forever. They are confident in the God they serve and see good things ahead, that, even though the cedi is falling, their spirits cannot contain that negative ideology. They wake up from bed and are like the eagle, Lord, it is bad now, but I see a better Ghana, a better attitude, a change in corrupt hearts, a new generation, new ideas, and a prosperous country. Our President relies on You and Ghana knows You, You’ve done it before, and we trust, that like our peaceful election petition, we would be successful. This is the voice of victory, not the defeated one that dries up bones.

The second group, the prophets, have a firm realization of the situation. They know what is happening and accept it. That is good. But in them, there’s absolutely no hope. Their own is to criticize and blame others, I call them prophets, with a younger P, because their immaturity is unbearable. It is shocking to realize the level of education and for some spiritual growth some have attained and yet are still mingling with the ‘vultures’. Their words have become dangerous, they are full of Tweeaaas and criticism. Ghana won’t become better, Apuutor, forget about a better Ghana. Maybe this to you may not seem weighty, but in actual sense you are only speaking into a very dark future for yourself.

Could we choose today, to be Prophets or prophets of Ghana? It shall be better, God is changing hearts, our nation will move forward. This we know, this we trust, He’s been there in ages past. 0

God bless you, have a successful week!

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4 thoughts on “Prophets and prophets of Ghana

  1. Ghana, precious as gold can be kept glittering by Prophets not prophets. The issue is lack of integrity in these prophets, people who only see dirt and defeat. Gold, though very precious is hidden by God in the dirt. It takes men of integrity to express optimism over a dirt clothed Ghana, and consciously dedicate themselves to her betterment. We need Prophets, people of integrity to see the gold of our country and consequencially devote themselves to make this gold glitter with eternal beauty.
    I love Ghana.
    God bless Ghana.
    Great work Bobbywrites…

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