February’s Love

The origin of love is divine, the definition of love is not one, but a million. Yes, a million. There are so many people on this planet and everyone has a different explanation of love. Love’s beauty is outstanding and her glory is exquisite. When you love someone, you’re different, you’re not the same anymore. When you meet your true love, your heart beats faster, your mind becomes more fragile but strong, and you start telling your resolutions to your heart. How you would not want to hurt your new love.

Well, we would want to swim deep into the love of someone special this month. This love, I haven’t seen before, He gave us His life, He still keeps us safe, and even when He was going away, He made provisions by sending us His friend. What does it mean to love Jesus? Can we say we love Him more than our friends, our parents, our siblings or our work.

Love for Jesus is step by step. I think the first thing is to learn how to speak to Him daily. You know Jesus comes around? He visits us daily, and His Father’s angels are always around.
When ever you take your Bible to read, especially the Gospels, where Jesus Himself is speaking, you realize, that, He’s very near, very close, as if He is touching you right by your side.

Don’t harbor any pain within, any hurt and disappointments, give them all to Jesus. You’re not far from Him. In fact there’s time to start over, if you’ve not seen Him yet, there’s time to come back if you’ve gone astray.

It comes with a prayer of faith, faith that does not fade but faith that makes you ready to move ahead. God knows you love Him and you can start expressing His love today.

You could visit this site and learn more about Jesus http://www.centralgospel.com/pages/live/accept_christ.php who is always around us.

May February be great and awesome, may God bless and Keep us in great health, and deliver us from all evil.

Happy new month!!!

Link credit: http://www.centralgospel.com.


5 thoughts on “February’s Love

  1. A veri big hapi bdae to our lovely brother,Robert(aka bobby write)…. may dis dae bring u blessings,may it increase ur knowledge n wisdom to write more inspirational articles…may God grant u ur hrt desires n may He fill ur hrt wit love so dat u wud extend dis love to others…hapi bdae dear ……we love uuu

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