Being Happy.


It’s a tough world, but in all the hustle and bustle of this world, there’s one thing that we are all assured of. The more you teach yourself to be happy, the better you become.

Imagine the fact that you have no money, and it’s so serious you eat once a day, a very small meal. Or you’ve failed at your exam drastically. It’s very true this could be embarrassing and stressful, painful and unbearable. Then you begin to worry and get depressed. The question is What good does the worry do you?

Worry is just another weapon of the enemy. It is another way satan wants to get to us and make us weak and sad. Worrying is a defeatist mentality. When a child worries his mother, it means he gives her no peace, crying at night, misbehaving in public and intentionally biting her breast whilst breast feeding.

A child like that may get some beating from the mother or may be restrained and prevented from eating. So is our lives. When we worry, we disturb our minds, we kill our passion, and we can’t even pray. Worry makes you no better. Worry is a spear that pierces your soul and spirit.

The best way of overcoming worry is thanking God. Thanking and worshiping God is maturity that you know it could have been worse.
God’s sustenance is with those who rejoice in times of trouble but in that bring their needs to him.

Brother, sister, know today, worrying does you no good, cheer up, move forward. God loves a cheerful giver, not only the money, but the one who brings his problems with cheer, happiness, and confidence that God can and will do it.

God bless you so much this day. Worry no more, the master has you in His hands. Be happy, be happy, be happy.


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