Keep Walking.


It’s tough, who said it won’t?
It’s rough, never easy
It sometimes pierces the soul
Deep down in your bone
Pain, distress and sorrows
Even painful tomorrows
Makes you feel feeble
The pum pum of the love organ
Provides no sleep at dusk
Kills the vim behind your desk.
Friend, keep walking.

He may be called the Old Man
The Man up There, The Bearded Man
Absolutely beyond that,
He’s powerful above those,
He’s got eyes, ones that never close
You’re thinking? He takes no dose
Yes, He’s seen all your trouble
Making a way for you
Bringing you angels, saints and power
Parting your sea like Moses’ own
Divine health, hope you’ll own
He’s the King of kings
Brother, keep walking.

You have a Senior Brother
His name is the sweetest ever
His words are the most comforting
You have an uncle and mediator too
His presence is ever amazing too
Never curse your situation
It’s painful but it’s better
To go deep and understand the matter
In praise that makes Him move
In supplication and in declaration
In hope and in cheer
He’s dropping your answer
Sister Keep Walking.

God bless you as you read this poem. Let’s remember not to give up, God’s grace abounds.

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