Happy New Year. From Bobbywrites

Alright, alright, alright, it’s 2014 and God has been very merciful and good to us. God has been our banner, our king and our Lord.

After taking a break to energise ourselves for the coming year, we are going to experience a joyful ride through insightful and extraordinary features, great articles and new designers.

Ghana’s hope and well-being is in God’s hand. We do not have any business hoping in our President but in God almighty who holds the nation together and saves us from all distress and trouble. Ghana’s profound future remains in The Lord, who has designed good things for us.

Happy new year to all dear Bobbyreads. You have been the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Your criticism of the articles, your appreciation and your comments.

This year, we want to move to perfection in Christ, watch out for articles from young pastors, who have the hand of God upon them.

God bless you all. Stay blessed.


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