Happy Christmas Bobbyreads. Portrait Saturday!!!

Happy Christmas y’all. You’re my favorite people, God’s own gift to Bobbywrites. You’re the best I’ve ever met, and the beautiful stars I’ve ever seen.
Cede Art is making Saturdays the best days on Bobbywrites. There’s always something new from this amazing artist. He’s super talented.


What are you telling someone this Christmas? Liwin is saying ‘Afehyia Pa’ which means, Merry Christmas, and in the portrait he did not forget to add his Christmas boxes.

What are you saying to the one you hurt during the year, to your mum or dad, to your boyfriends and girlfriends? Let these words be well thought out and share the joy of Christmas with all of them. Let the words bring hope and restore friendships, let them build up relationships and kill enmity. We are all one!!!

Remember it’s a season of giving. Spending more time at the receiving end, although cool is not like giving out. It may not be the money, but your time and talent, your presence and friendliness.

Show some love this season. Bobbywrites hopes to show you more love this Christmas.

God bless you all! Enjoy the season!!!


7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Bobbyreads. Portrait Saturday!!!

  1. Tanx n merry Xmas to u too….take note……Xmas is nt Jux abt making merry ….let’s b grateful to God for His numerous blessns…….n noe dat there’s more blessing in givn Dan in receiving..so share wat u av wit smone hu doesn’t av …as a way of sayn thank u to God……enjoy da Xmas

  2. Bobby ur xmas message really got me thinkn…..!!! U r ryt..!! Xmas is nut abt gifts n merry makn its basically abt peace , joy and,love. thank you for ur message today…!! God bless….!! XoXo:-*

  3. Merry Christmas Bobby!
    How luvly and simple the 1st Christmas was…I want to have dat feeling this xmas jux as the wise men had.Hope u too

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