Pax Romana KNUST Local Weekly


The Executive body of Pax Romana Knust Local wishes her members all the best in their examination.

From the executive body of Pax Romana KNUST Local, they pray God’s favour and grace upon all students as they write their exams.

It is their prayer that results would be outstanding, and God’s grace would shoot them from Passes to Uppers, for He The Lord God is faithful.

Pax Romana KNUST Local Commissions students who participated in the Life in The Spirit Seminar
It was a beautiful Tuesday evening when a large number of the Pax Romana Students and members successfully completed their journey in the Life In The Spirit Seminar. After some weeks of intense prayer and talks on faith, the participants were commissioned to go and peach the Good news to all nations.
The participants, all dressed in white, beautifully held their candles as they were encouraged by the celebrant, Rev. Fr. Prof. John Appiah-Poku to live lives that would radiate God’s glory. He also encouraged all members present to partake in the Life in the Spirit Seminar, at least, once, most especially, when they had the opportunity to go through it in school.
It was a joyful night.

Final Years win the Last Inter-Year Collection
On the 3rd of December, the Pax Romana KNUST Local held their final inter-year collection for the year. The final years proved strong as they led the race with well over 150gh Cedis. The second years placed fourth.
Well done, final years.

Have a great week, and God bless you all.

Thumbs up, For Jesus.


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