Portrait Saturday. Confidence is Positive.

Hey guys, how has your week been? Great right? Were you at an interview, were you faced with a new opportunity to meet someone and impress them?
Let’s talk confidence today on Bobbywrites. How Confident are you?

Today on this blog, Cede Art, gives us another portrait worth thinking about. And in this Portrait is the CEO of the Aphrodisiac Nite Club,Business Woman, Designer,Philanthropist
Model, Empire, and Brand, Miss Confidence Haugen.


In our Portrait today, Confidence keeps a beautiful smile in a dark background. Seeing people smile means they’re confident and hopeful, that their present doesn’t determine their future.
Confidence is one of such people. Her Confidence has made her one of the most admired women in the industry.

Her attribute of being a dedicated and confident business woman is something worth noting. Being confident is what takes our world today. Not necessarily rubbing it in the face of others but believing in your abilities and being sure that you have what it takes to make you successful.

Her confidence has made her try a whole lot of avenues out. Some include her participation in the BBA, her VGMA red carpet venture and her well acclaimed fashion brand.
That is just what confidence does.

The greatest form of confidence is Confidence in The Lord, knowing that He that has brought you this far, will not leave you along the way.

Enjoy your weekend Fam. God bless y’all…


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