Why Don’t Subordinates Report Damages To Bosses?


It is Peter’s first day at work, he’s been employed as an assistant accountant to the chief accountant.
He’s dressed in his black suit and trousers and wears a very decent haircut.
Every one in the office is friendly and he is introduced to the staff of the business firm. Peter’s boss invites him to the office and tells him specifically what he’s supposed to do. Peter is hopeful he is going to make an impact in the business.
This particular morning, Peter prayed and thanked God for the job he’d gotten.
It’s afternoon, and Peter’s boss calls him to his office.

Hello Peter, ‘Do you know the Moonlight School, near the Jesuit Temple?’

Yes sir, Peter replies.

Alright, you drive, right, Boss asks

Yes sir, Peter replies

‘Good, go pick my children from school and bring them back, the driver is sick, those here are all on special assignments and I have a lot to do for the day’

Peter is happy, ready to impress and he is so confident, he’s been driving for three years now.

The boss gives him the car key, ‘Please be careful son’ The boss says.

Peter sits in the boss’ Range Rover Sport and gets to the school and while parking the car, he hears a screech behind him. Another Parent has screeched the car while trying to park the car. Peter Alights and it’s his former Headmaster’s car, he smiles and greets him and replies, ‘oh sir, it’s okay, I’ll take care of it’
Luckily for Peter, the children did not see the incident. The scratch was a minor one anyway, but quite evident.

Does Peter report this to his boss?
If it were you, what would you have done?

Things getting spoilt or damaged at the workplace is usually unintentional. It is quite unimaginable to think that someone would intentionally loosen the screws of a machine or break a connection somewhere.

But Managers and Bosses at times make it seem and sound as though the workers were not careful and sometimes ask questions that seem to prove that a particular staff intentionally caused the damage.

Even in our homes, Parents at times yell at their children when the Television button gets weak, when the remote control has a button dislocated or when their child has his or her shoe torn.

This is the drama that ensues at times,

Mom: Kweku, where is the shoe I bought you?

Kweku: Mummy please, it’s in the room.

Mom: Ah, why don’t you wear that one?

Kweku: It’s worn out.

Mom: So soon, what happened?

Kweku: We played this tournament in school.

Mom: As for you, I don’t know, you’re so stubborn,….. And the drama never ends..

I had the opportunity to witness in one large company, what ensued between the boss and the workers.
The manager purchased all his machines from outside the country and to him, he trusted his suppliers so much that he knew the machines were far from getting damaged.
This is what ensued when one machine got faulty one Tuesday morning.

Boss: Junior, are you done with the first batch of orders?

Junior: No sir.

Boss: Why? (Politely)

Junior: The Machine won’t function, have been trying to fix it.

Boss: What? It’s been six months since I fixed it. Let me go have a look.

What did you do to it?

Junior: Yesterday, after the third batch of orders had been worked on, the on button won’t function, so I opened it and checked if there was any lose connection.

Boss: Why didn’t you tell me first, I’ve already told you I hate it when workers try to fix machines on their own, (begins to raise his tone and speaks quite offensively).

There are other managers who would want to be informed all the time. There’s no doubt that in offices where there are no technical engineers and managers, the workers have to rely on manuals and report almost everything to the boss.

But there is this fascinating character about some workers. When something gets faulty in the workplace, they try to fix it and leave it in a way another worker may come and use and take the blame.

The other worker goes into the warehouse, touches the handle of the toolbox and it gets broken.

His first statement when he comes outside holding it would be ‘I only held it and it broke, I’m sure some one intentionally did it’ Then, he eventually takes the blame.

Reporting damages, no matter how small they are is necessary especially in factories and manufacturing warehouses where the equipment used usually have sharp blades and have the potential of hurting others.

Do you report damages to your bosses?

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Have an awesome week. God bless us all.

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