Portrait Saturday, M.anifest Speaks!!!

Saturdays have been constant in the Bobbywrites blog. It’s been one of the most read segments of the blog, thanks to the amazing CEDE arts who provides absolutely fabulous images of young entrepreneurs who are inspiring other young people in the country and beyond.

This week we are honoured with one of the most prudent lyricists in Ghana. He speaks words with heavy meaning and deep lessons to learn from.


Talking about inspiration M.anifest is one of the few musicians in Ghana who is being highly original. He’s grown his own brand and has consistently sticked to it. His unique style of dressing has been a trademark the youth should learn from. He is purely African with a touch of class.

Listen to any of M.anifest’s songs and you’ll be touched by the weight of lyrics this guy uses. His makaa maka song is one of such great works.
His good videos include Hallelujah featuring E.l and Asa with Efya.

Being original and being you is one of the things that can take you forward in our world today.
It’s your signature, your hallmark and your future. Anything apart from that is allowing people to corner you and not expressing yourself the way you should.

Bobbyreads, this is our Portrait for the week, and we seek God’s knowledge to make us realise our through identity.

Have a beautiful Saturday folks. God bless you all!!!


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