137 years of Existence. Congratulations Mfantsipim School. Bobbywrites Writes.


Today marks the 137th Speech & Prize-Giving Day, of the great School, the Mfantsipim School. When you hear of Mfantsipim, the name alone makes you know the school has stood the test of time. With the modern influence of the English Language, the Mfantsipim School has still remained Mfantsipim, not bowing to the pressure of changing their special identity over the years.

What Makes Kwabotwe So Special
It’s beautiful, it’s amazing and it’s super encouraging the way the old boys of the school have their alma mater at heart. I’d say, on days like this, one almost feels as if these men are treating their school as their second wives. With the commitment and zeal towards ensuring that the school moves forward, they commit themselves to embarking on immense projects that would help the school grow.

‘Dwen hwe Kan’ is indeed their moto. They have made the country proud and still continue to do. It’s no doubt, they are the best of Gentlemen when it comes to high schools in Ghana. Discipline is their suit and they wear confidence as their tie. No wonder the ‘see-your-skin’ ladies of Wesley high school remain glued to these gentlemen.

Another great lesson to learn from Mfantsipim School is their rising standards and tremendous prominence in the quality of educational success over the years. With exceptional grades, the school’s products are found in most of the tertiary institutions in Ghana, and are occupying high positions in the country.

Today if we celebrate Mfantsipim School, let us celebrate high profile men who have made a difference in the society and still continue to do so. Men like Kofi Annan, our own Vice President Amissah Arthur, E. Chinbuah, K. K. Apeadu, F. L. Bartels, Mr. Alex Quaison-Sackey, and other great men.

Bobbywrites wants to commend all the Sponsoring Year Groups of
MOBA ’63, MOBA ’73, MOBA
’83, MOBA ’93 and MOBA
2003 of this year’s event and wishes the school well.

If today you are a Part of this large family, there’s no need to bow your head, even when you sneeze, you’re to be proud and motivated, that you, are also a Part of the large Moba Family.

Long live Moba, long live Mfantsipim School, Long live Ghana!!!

NB: (They can never ‘overtake’ the APSU community) (Being Biased small)



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