‘Generational Conflict’ on Viasat 1 Reality Show, Born Stars?


Viasat 1, your number one entertainer joined the league of the numerous Reality Shows in the world and Africa for that matter. Each and every Sunday night, at eight o’clock, we have the opportunity to watch young talented people who have great skills and potential to display to the world in order to gain the ultimate prize of Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis.

They treat us to lots of dancing, singing and poetry. But where does the interest of these judges lie? Are they really zooming into the scene of the ‘new age’ or are they still relying on their old experience and definition of what I will call ‘Talents of the Oldies?’

The countenance of Mr. Ben Brako during some of the performances I would term today as totally creative is very discouraging. He consistently reiterates the fact that he’s not impressed by rap lyrics that suggest the artist is blowing his own trumpet or bragging. But honestly isn’t that what sells today? Listen to songs by Sarkodie, Shata Wale calling himself the dancehall king, Richie and other artistes.
Although the lyrics at times may suggest they are bragging, honestly that is the order of the day. Let’s admit it, every candid listener and careful analyst of ghanaian music lyrics, knows that it becomes quite unnecessary and exaggerated by some of these musicians, especially when it’s from the ones who haven’t gained any grounds.

From a layman’s view, I would defend such lyricists who come on the ‘Born Stars’ show. For some of them, coming to the Born Stars show is a huge opportunity. For all you know, the whole community has gathered and is watching their family member who is yet to blow the minds of Ghanaians and who knows, some of them may have engaged themselves in serious and intense fasting and prayer sessions for him or her. What’s wrong if he comes to rap using lyrics that suggest he being the only rat in the midst of snakes, moving unharmed and untouched, making his way to the top?

There was another act who sang and surprisingly, as Ben Brako and Aunt Paulina, as she is called on the show, enjoyed the performance, for Oscar, it was totally boring.

Oscar should loosen up. To most people I interviewed before this article, they said he was being too rigid and needed to come to his level, where he belonged, and be a representative of the current trend rather than an ‘all knowing-principled judge’. To them, this was not helping the show at all.

What is in a show if the acts have to work hard to please only the judges rather than work hard to please the market as well?

If something could be done to improve the show or create a ‘generational balance’ then another David Oscarlike judge should be added to the panel so that the show could have that fairness in terms of generational interest. May be Kokui Selormey? Or?

On the other hand, I would like to commend the new presenter, he’s doing a great job.

Help Bobbywrites answer this question, how best do you think that ‘generational conflict’ could be solved on the program?

What are your views?

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Have a great week.


Photo Credit: http://www.Viasat1.com.gh


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