The ‘Dog Scene’ in Ghana. Dog Names, The future of the Dog Business Venture.

Have you heard dog names? which ones surprised you most? What are your views on the names you heard?
Choosing pets is a great commitment and for some people, the zeal with which they select their pets and per names is simply phenomenal.
Children request from their parents Pets for their birthdays, lovers demand puppies from their partners and some even save to buy dogs. One has to be very prudent about the pets he chooses and make a commitment to the cause.
In Ghana, just a few people love their pets like they were their ‘babies’, especially dogs. I know of very few homes that allow their dogs into their rooms, take them for walks and buy them expensive food.

Current Scene
People here are more focused on the fact that dogs cannot enter their rooms and belong outside, to guard and secure the homes. Over the years, it was not strange seeing dogs walking around the streets and laying on the roads. Currently, there is a rise in the patronage of Alsatian dogs by some Ghanaians and other expensive breeds, but the question remains, how many of them are really able to cater for these dogs as they really should?


Prices of Dogs
The normal Ghanaian dog breed costs about 30-50 Ghana Cedis. These are usually the ones that get fed once a day to meagre left overs at home or have the chance to a special treat when there is a party. The dogs are happy when the main gates of the home are open and may not return again.
Other breeds like the Alsatian dogs and bull dogs may cost the potential owner about 500-2000 Cedis and it’s no joke taking care of them. People keep their dogs and make lots of profit out of selling them these days. The investment is no joke. The food, the vaccines and the cages. It demands dedication and commitment, making sure the dogs are safe and other humans are safe as well when they enter your house.

Naming Dogs
This is one major aspect of dog keeping in Ghana. Just like naming a baby, a business or any other venture, it is not easy naming a dog here, since most Ghanaians do not play with names.
The difficulty in naming dogs is how to make the dog understand that this is its identity and eagerly responding to it when called.

Here are some answers to a poll Bobbywrites conducted on dog names in Ghana and why people give such names. Hilarious right!

Gloria said I’ll name my dog Fluffy or smiley or if it’s a real cute one, Vicky. Fuzims, would not be a bad choice at all.

Frema Willow! Willow as in weeping willow ..when it was a pup it used to cry a lot.

Bella I’ll named my puppy Lala. I watched a series and there was this gay dude who was so happy and cheerful. Just gave that name to the dog.

Derbie Said it would depend on the character of the dog. If it’s all lively and preppy ill give it a name like Frisky. If its not so active for a dog something like Prowl.
If it’s just a regular dog with no outstanding physical features or characteristics ill just give it a name like Tibs. Any dog-sounding name that sounds cool.

Magdalene said I’ll call it Anaj. Just a combination of the initials of my dad’s kids.

Matt said I’ll call it bobby. All bobbys I know don’t eat much.

Derrick said I’ll name it bob.

Bobbywrites went on to ask, What is your idea about those who use Christian or other human names for dogs?

These were their views:
It’s disrespectful, simple, Frema put it

hmmmm…it could be offensive. My mum was telling me about a white man who deliberately named his dog “Ama” cuz he was offended by the way people in Ghana name their dogs Sam, Will and all those names. I personally dont like the idea but i guess it could be permitted in some cases. Like where the dog is named after someone very precious and is treated real special.

Then I got it, no one liked the idea of using someone’s name for dogs, especially when they are not treated well.

People who fall victim to this condition include Step Mothers, Mothers in law, Fathers in law, Ex Boyfriends and Girlfriends, Wicked Fathers and Mothers and stubborn children.

For some, the pain caused by these people have to be revenged. If not on the person, to another ‘representative’.

Does it help?

Some also used Christian virtues such as Blessing, Honour, Charity, Grace and Peace as symbols of these characteristics.

Others also name their dogs using ‘Terror’, Risky, Ranger, Druppie or Beauty depending on the appearance of the dog.

Josh said, I’ll name my dog if Female, ‘andromeda’ or if male Achilles/ hector.

What are your thoughts on dog names so far? Any change of mind.


The future of Ghana’s Dog Industry
It’s a viable one, depending on the way one handles the dogs.
One major challenge most households face is that most people who cater for dogs are Senior High and Tertiary students who have to leave the home for school. During this time, the dogs don’t get all the attention making it difficult to groom the dogs to their full state.

Are you planning to go into the business of getting dogs and sell them for income? What name do you want to give to your pet? Are you ready to keep it and give it food, good water and shelter?

At least these have been made quite easy for you, thanks to Bobbywrites.

Thanks to all those who helped with the poll.
God bless all dear Bobbyreads.

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6 thoughts on “The ‘Dog Scene’ in Ghana. Dog Names, The future of the Dog Business Venture.

  1. Nice article. It’s a shame Ghanaians don’t value our local dogs much. I had a male one who my family and I named Zorro, since he was small, make and brown like a fox ( though short-haired). We also gave him that name so he would sound like a fierce dog to outsiders. He was a loving dog, who loved being around me. He did roam around a lot, and was very independent. He was a calm dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly. We had other dogs as well, a female Rottweiler- Boerboel mix called Xena due to her being bold and energetic, a male local dog mix called Midnight, because he had shiny, jet-black fur with white paws, tip of the tail, breast and underbelly, and also a white puppy called Snowy. They were all lovely dogs.

    I don’t get the white guy’s point. His own people give their dogs human names all the time such as Charlie, Maggie, Jess, Roger, Bruno and the like. I even saw a Bulldog mix called Matilda! If his own people do this, why can’t we? Day names are not for dogs. They are for human beings only. He should respect that.

    • Thank you Rachel, I read your comment. Yes, it’s time Ghanaians valued pets and made some changes to the way we treat them. I also agree with your point concerning the white man and dog names.
      Interesting names you have given your pets though, love them.

      Thank you

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