Where did the Hopeful Ghanaians Go?

It’s no doubt you’re greeted with ‘bad news’ almost every morning about Ghana. The increase in Utility tariffs, the severe rise in prices, the current position of Ghana, as the third most corrupt country in the world, then there is every cause to shake, to fear and ask yourself, Where are we going?

It’s sad to note that the people we hear on radio and television are experts at criticising the government and condemning it’s every step. When I listen to the radio before going about my daily activities, I get very discouraged. There’s absolutely no good news. It’s either the Senior High School placement and fees, a decrease in salary, a discussion on the Single Spine Salary Scheme and the order of the Ghanaian day, ‘Strike’.
The situation is serious than we see it. Some people have predicted how difficult 2014 would be due to these serious economic hardships.


So I ask myself, where are the men and women of hope in this country? I then saw all fingers pointing at the Pastors and Motivational Speakers.

Then I ask myself again, what about the Politicians? What about the Opposition? In my opinion, I feel it’s only the President and a few others who are doing the right thing now. Giving Ghanaians words of hope and encouragement.

Criticisms are necessary but not that ones that condemns and suggests ‘If I were there, I’d’ve done better’ spirit. What could I do to help? That’s what we want to hear, not, I’m disappointed in this and that, or sack this minister and that official.

Ghana’s doctor today is not change at once. That is impossible. It would surely take time.

This is the time the True Sons and Daughters of hope should start speaking hope and restoration in the country. These men and women should stand and pray and cry for the country.

I’m sorry from today, Bobbywrites is recruiting people who are positive and ready to declare positivity in the presence of difficulties and troubles.
Our hope as Ghanaians remains in God, our future is not determined by news and sources that call for despair, we need people who are confident and people who’ll say, ‘Though it bad, Our Restoration is at Hand’

Let’s see a new hope and a new vision. It’s only complete in Christ Jesus.

Ghana has hope
The future is hopeful
For God is on Our Side
A Solid Rock on Which we Stand



4 thoughts on “Where did the Hopeful Ghanaians Go?

  1. Exactly…..we Reali av to fight for da country rather than criticizing it everyday… we as a country,av to put our trust in God and know that with Him on our side ,everything is going to b well..infact it is already wel ………long live Ghana! long live everyone!……..

  2. i highly disagree…it is obvious that the right thing is not being done and what good will it do to us if we hear encouraging words from the president and yet there is no improvement..i believe the right steps should be taken to get the canker of corruption out and stop the petty squabbles…i agree with the fact that probably even the opposition would have done no better but thoose in power need to work for us that’s why they are there in the first place.

    • Well said, but what’s the necessity In unnecessary and unhealthy criticism while they should have given structured explanations and positive contributors to help the nation.
      Thank you Abena for your comment.

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