Portrait Saturday! Memories Bring Smiles

What makes you smile each day? Is it your life, your friends, your activities or your past? If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, you’re on the right path.

Smiles are products of our daily lives. It’s not worth waiting for the best part of the day to come before you smile. Every moment of the day should cause you to smile, even in tough times.
Christians smile most when they draw inspiration from the word of God. Husbands smile when the see their beautiful wives.
Girlfriends smile when they see their handsome boyfriends.
But what about those who don’t have these?

Our past could make us smile. Just get into your dairy of events and get smiling. Cede Arts has this week given us one fantastic reason to smile.

Do you remember Master ‘Shifoohn’ as some of us called him.


Do you remember how some kids used to say they were master shifoos?

Which one was your favourite episode?

Could you just see the transformation in today’s series that you watch and those then?

Get into life and keep smiling all your problems away. Be strong and firm to know that you will conquer and be successful.
Waiting on people to make your day won’t help, Stand and Move forward, smiling and being cheerful!!!

Happy New Month all Bobbyreads!!!


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