A Wonderful Ride


Special thanks to God for an amazing month, full of His blessings and grace.
This month, has been a super one with lots of surprises from God.

Thanks to all readers of http://www.bobbywrites.Wordpress.com who have been phenomenal. We had over 1100 reads this month and 2300 followers on twitter.

Our comments base increased and we are moving forward in the full Glory of God.

Shout outs to all these people who always read the blog

1. Loulou Monae
2. Mady Clara
3. Bene Akyiama
4. Selasi Awuye
5. Jeffrey Asante
6. Josh Ansah
7. Chelsea Ansah
8. Harmonix
9. Ama Frema
10. Nana Ntim

These are the ten top Bobbyreads. We are so grateful to you all. Kindly join the Bobbywrites family on Facebook by liking the Facebook Page.

Shout out to Cede Arts, Qelvin, Wear Ghana, Innov8 Unlimited and all our amazing contributors.

Next month promises to be a fully packed month with great articles and features by bobbywrites and our contributors.

Fam, Enjoy your month, stay blessed, let’s go higher!!!!




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