Bobbywrites Interviews Richard Macoy Gordor. Aspiring Akuafo Hall Treasurer and ENACTUS Legon HRM

It’s encouraging how the youth are moving towards the era of taking bold steps to lead and direct people with confidence and hope in creating better conditions and a conducive environment for sustainable development.

This weekend, Bobbywrites hanged out with Mr. Richard Macoy Gordor on the Well-Read Bobbywrites blog, and we had a good time with him as we discussed his aspirations and his dream to be the next Akuafo Hall Treasurer.


Bobbywrites: It’s a beautiful afternoon and Bobbywrites meets with Richard Gordor on
Bobbywrites: Good Afternoon Mr Gordor
Gordor: Good afternoon

Bobbywrites: It’s nice having you here on
Bobbywrites: Tell us just a bit about you.
Gordor: I am a young man who is determined in what ever i do in life. I uphold my integrity in all endeavour of my life because i believe that good name is always better than riches.

What have you been up to?
Gordor: Thanks for granting me this interview
I have been working to make the objectives of Akuafo hall known

Bobbywrites: That’s encouraging Why this position and nothing different?
Gordor: I believe i have the neccessary skill for the job. These skills are good negotiation skills good interpersonal skill and good communication skill. I got these skills through training by a student group on campus called ENACTUS…

Bobbywrites: So you’re an active member of ENACTUS?
Bobbywrites: How many years have you been a member
Gordor‬: I have been in this group for three years and i am currently the Human Resource Manager

Bobbywrites: That’s great, what are some of the new things you wish to do as the Treasurer for the Hall?
Any thing innovative?
Gordor: Before you assume this position you are trained on how to interact with your members as the HR.
This that i have learnt would help Akuafo hall bring more JCR members on board so we can work as a team for the betterment of Akuafo hall.

Bobbywrites: Could you please tell us what you think your responsibilities will be as a treasurer
Gordor: Allocate financial resources of the hall effectively and efficiently
Seek sponsorship for the hall

Bobbywrites: Mr. Gordor, students have many concerns when it comes to finance issues. Do you have any new ways to make the accounts and expenses as transparent as possible?
Gordor: Yes. I would widen the sponsorship base of Akuafo hall
Invest in risk free project that would bring much profit

Bobbywrites: How would you define the support so far? Especially from the prestigious Apsu community?
Gordor: The Apsu family on campus is really supportive in this respect
The support from my friends is also encouraging.

Bobbywrites: Bobbywrites wishes you all the best
Bobbywrites: Thanks for speaking to us.
Gordor‬: Thank you very much for your time and effort
Bobbywrites: It’s been nice speaking with you.



Choosing leaders requires careful thinking and assessment, Bobbywrites encourages all voters of the Akuafo Hall to vote leaders who are ready to innovate, initiate and progress.

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