Super Pills for Your Week. Warning!!! They May OverCharge You.


It’s a hectic world, too many troubles, movements and activities. We have to interact with people and share lots of experiences. In your dealings, you may have to take some motivational pills and Bobbywrites seeks to encourage you and motivate you as you press on in the faith.

1. You have a God who knows you best. Keep Him updated and He’ll keep you motivated.

2. If you are waiting for someone to make you happy, remember that your happiness would meet you nowhere but in your dreams.

3. God created nature for our nurture. He knew we would need to see some of His beautiful creations to make us smile and praise Him better.

4. You are unstoppable. Grace and Truth follows you. What else can you fear?

5. If you’re not ready to pray, you are not ready to win.

6. People will come your way, make sure you share God’s way with them the most.

7. Anytime you say a prayer, you get an extra ordinary answer, the more the prayers, the larger your blessings.

8. Trusting man is trusting failure, keep your trust solid in The Lord Almighty, He’ll never fail you.

9. Learn to praise, you’ll have the grace to run the race. God always raises those who lift high His Praises.

10. Let your light shine before all men, this can’t be done any better than giving yourself to the light, He’ll preserve you, guard and protect you, will never allow the dark to influence your life.

Dear friends, let us not fear, walk through this week in Confidence of Christ’s love, you’ll see that there’s a lot to learn from Him. God bless you all dear Bobbyreads.

Have a great week. Blessings!!!

All quotes by Bobbywrites


7 thoughts on “Super Pills for Your Week. Warning!!! They May OverCharge You.

  1. God should continue to give you more in insight in His word and in life to be able to write more to effect positively on man.

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