Do Friends Really Ignore Their Sick Friends?


In a recent interview on television, the hostess of the show asked the celebrity who was being interviewed a question and I want us to dwell deep into the reality of the situation.

Apparently, this celebrity guest on the show had been terribly sick for about nine months and she had almost died. In the interview, as she spoke of her fight with the disease, and her painful experiences, the host asked this question.

Where were your friends during all this?

Her answer was simple, ‘just a few friends were around’. And I asked, What is the meaning of few friends?

But luckily I got the answer, she mentioned about five people who were very concerned and close to her.

This is a very sensitive issue, don’t you think so? Where do our friends go when we are sick and bed ridden, seemingly, not having hope or even going through the pain of recovery and healing?

It is evident that the world today, is moving towards self interest, where people don’t even intentionally cut themselves from their friends and families, but because of tight schedules and little time for rest, see themselves doing so.

Sometimes, we hear the old folks saying, ‘I’ve used my mouth to visit him several times’ That’s a direct translation from the Fante language, meaning ‘In thought and verbal remembrance, the one speaking has planned visiting the sick friend on several occasions’

In cases where the particular disease requires that a huge sum of money be paid, it is sad to note that most of the friends don’t even return the call of a sick friend.

Could it be that some friends cannot stand seeing their own buddy real sick?
Is it that some of them feel when they keep you in company they make you feel so sad when they’re about leaving?
For all you know, some of them find your situation funny and ridicule you and so cannot come close to you.

Someone shares his story

My name is James and I am a senior member of one of the top government companies in my country. I am called ‘Chief’ by my friends and we love to have lots of fun on Friday evenings. We got out to drink and crack jokes about work and our problems at home. The pay is real good. A substantial sum of money. All of my three children are in London. They are married and with children of their own.

On the 23rd of June, 2009, I was hit by an unfortunate situation. My doctor told me I had to be very careful after I had done my routine check up. He said I risked getting a stroke if I did not stop taking alcoholic drinks and start exercising. I was so disturbed. That night, I was surprised, like a prophesy, I could not move my body. I became stiff as a rock and couldn’t even speak. What was happening? My wife called the doctor and it was real. I had stroke. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat well an was so depressed. That week, I received visitors upon visitors, friends and family alike.

Days passed and the numbers reduced. No one seemed to care. Many tests, more drugs to buy and pain beyond compare. John called once a week, he was my ‘best friend’ and the conversation reduced in minutes. At first, we spoke for 12-13 minutes, now only 3 minutes, or less.

How are you James? Take it easy, God is in control, and that was it. A year after, God bless my wife, no one came to visit anymore. I sometimes sat quietly and wept, especially on Fridays.

But things got better, I had found a new friend, reliable and great. He gave me hope and strength each day, assuring me of His presence everyday. He explained things to me, why my ‘friends’ were not coming over. I loved Him and He loved me back. So I gave my life to Him and things changed massively. Whether they came or not, I was very satisfied.

This story tells a lot folks. The world is too busy for our problems. It’s just one person who remains free, calling us to come to Him in times of pain and trouble.

Friends may come and go but Jesus remains number one. James found Him and things never were the same.

Have a blessed day Bobbyreads

God bless you all…



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