Did You Understand The Supreme Court Verdict?


It is rather interesting, do I say, the level of ‘ignorance’ or unconcern Ghanaians have shown in reference to the Supreme Court Verdict delivered by the nine Judges some months ago.

On that day, I was with a few people and we waited patiently, as Gtv played us some beautiful music. When the judges sat down finally, there was tension everywhere. Like the feeling you get when you’re going in for your results, your final year results.

In about ten to fifteen minutes, they had finished. All we saw was people moving out, some smiling, some laughing, and others frowning.

But this could be pardoned. The citizenry were completely at sea. At least most of us understood that President Mahama would still remain President and there was no need for re-voting.

How many of us, have been able to find out at least 65% of what the verdict truly meant? Is it the fact that we simply do not mind or we are not ready to bother ourselves with these things.

In my conversation with students, I have discovered that most of them simply did not mind. Some said, ‘I did not vote’ why should I be bothered? This is really serious.

On a recent Tv3 interview on New Day, The presenter Benny Blanco interviewed a lawyer on Tenancy Agreement Laws and other laws landlords initiated. While listening to the conversation and the calls that were coming through, I wondered, Did Ghanaians know the law at all?
Most of the questions ended with ‘What should I do?’

It seems a larger percentage of Ghanaians are hungry for the law food, and it’ll be absolutely commendable if we had the first law-related program on National Television to support and help find answers to these issues.

There is another question, if literates cannot fully comprehend the law, what about the illiterate somewhere? The young ice water seller, the old market woman or that young fisherfolk.

Commissions and NGOs should rise up and stand tall, support the citizenry with knowledge, and we will surely do better.


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